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[Sticky] Choosing the #1RAD Finalists!


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Hi Everyone! 


First off, thank you all so much for intentionally committing to your music this month while actively contributing to this community. This is She Shreds’ 4th year hosting this challenge, and while every year has honestly been equally inspiring and motivating, this is definitely the biggest year with hundreds of participants, and thousands of riffs posted all over the world under #1RAD.


I think it has been said over and over again that the main point of this challenge is about community building, self reflection, and committing to your creative dreams. This has always been the focus for the #1RAD challenge and last year (2020) we decided to add a voting element in hopes of encouraging those outside of our immediate She Shreds bubble to join.


Like many have expressed, everyone who is/has participated is a winner. This challenge is HARD—it encourages you to be vulnerable, face fears, take risks, push yourself and that isn’t easy to do once, let alone 31 times. What we really hope everyone wins from this month is a new found connection to yourself, your instrument or/and a community. You can have all the gear in the world, but if you don’t have the connection to one of the above, the gear is just as good broken. 


As many of you know, we are always open to *constructive* feedback, suggestions, and communication, with the understanding that we may not get to everything immediately but are listening and taking it all into consideration for future actions. We're always eager to grow and evolve with the needs of those who consider this their guitar home.

The purpose of this particular thread is for us to be transparent about the process of choosing the finalists, and answer any questions + receive any feedback. That said, here ya go! 


Prize 1: Fender x H.E.R. guitar 

Everyone who signed up for the challenge is entered to win the new H.E.R. x Fender guitar—that person will be chosen at random and eligible whether they completed all 31 days or not. Announce February 1st at 5pm PT.


Prize 2: Choice of Sterling Music Man guitar or bass + accessory pack 

  1. Based off of the posts published on IG stories, reels, and main grid on the 31st day, She Shreds will make a spreadsheet of everyone’s IG handles. **Please remember to tag @sheshreds_media on that last day
  2. From there, we will check each account and ensure the completion of all 31 days
    **If you posted to stories, grid, and reels just make sure that your account is public on that day and that your riffs are saved on your main profile

  3. Once everyone who did not complete 31 days is subtracted from the list of candidates, we will cross check the remaining accounts with the sign up sheet. **if we see that you completed 31 days but cannot find you in the sign up sheet, we will assume that this was a tech error. Your commitment for the month is greater than a simple sign up error. If this is the case, we will contact you via IG since we won’t have your email address. 

NOTE: Those who signed up did NOT receive an email confirmation, just a "success" confirmation upon completion. If you think your submission may not have gone through please email us at [email protected] with the subject line "SIGN UP" and we'll check for you 🙂

  1. Lastly, from that final list of candidates, the team at She Shreds—comprising of five very excellent musically diverse humans who possess a wide range of musical skill levels and perspectives of this earth—will sort through the month’s work for each artist and choose two each to add to the list of finalists. 

**Everyone who completed all 31 days will be contacted via email or IG by February 3rd at 5pm PT. If you finished the 31 days and did not get contacted by that time please email us at [email protected]

** To give us the appropriate time to sort through these diligently, address any folks we may have missed, and do it all without going insane, we're gonna push the finalist announce date back to Friday, February 5th—winner will be chosen (from weekend audience voting on SheShreds.Com and Instagram) on Monday, February 8th.


Prize 3: All 10 finalists will receive an Ernie Ball accessory pack 

(Prize pack details available at the bottom of the article here)


This is always incredibly difficult for us because they’re all SO GOOD, but the reason why we’ve chosen to curate the finalists over picking at random is because, to us, it’s incredibly important for the top 10 finalists to showcase the wide range of sound, genre, skill level, and musical background that makes #1RAD unique.

We are not making our decisions solely off of who plays with the most proficiency, but rather who is showcasing the most creative connection, curiosity, and potential. We also believe and trust that the majority of our audience approaches this with the same mentality.

Finally, while this isn’t something we can implement during this year’s challenge we definitely want to give more incentive, support, and energy to the first time players, so many of whom are choosing this space to pick up the guitar or bass for the first time! A HUGE shoutout to all the teachers in the #1RAD community sharing their knowledge right now <3 We would love any suggestions as to how, as a beginner, you could be better supported! 


Again, thank you all for reading and participating <3 <3 <3

Love and shredding,

- Fabi + She Shreds Team

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You said on instagram you would hold a vote in order for fans/followers to vote on the method with which the finalists are chosen. Is that not happening? 

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this challenge has been (and continues to be) such a great experience!! my biggest stumbling block as a beginner is not knowing where to begin :/ i picked two songs(one acoustic one electric) that were my goals to perfect over this month - both are way too hard for me and i've left a lot of practice sessions feeling frustrated and down on myself.  you guys publish some amazing and really well curated tabs - maybe next year it would be possible to have a few more off-the-beaten path beginner level riffs, hopefully from girls and non-binary and BIPOC rockers, maybe even as challenges? when i finally started perfecting easier riffs the feeling was euphoric - i want all beginners to get a taste of that!! thank you for EVERYTHING Y'ALL DO <3 

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Hey I know you guys are busy trying to sort out the 10 finalists on the big list but if you have a moment can confirm that my registration for my handle was received as I never received success emails and I submitted twice because of this for handle on IG for @iamjoanofheart

i got the sheshred emails but wanted to reach out as I was unsure if it added me to the registered list. thank you sheshreds team  


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