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Gemma Seymour, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer


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Hello, everyone, and Happy New Year! I’m Gemma Seymour, I’m 52 years old, and I’m a multi-instrumentalist with over 45 years of public performance and over 30 years of pro audio engineering experience, as well as over 25 years of technology consulting experience. Some of you may remember me from the She Shreds Gear Forum on Facebook. Although I am not currently in a band, I was a member of a gigging and recording band for about 20 years, between the ages of 21 and 41. My primary instruments are bass guitar and guitar, now.

I am hoping to start up a new band, which project I am currently calling “The Eliza Effect”, and which I intend to be something of a shoegaze/riotgrrl/indie rock melange. I am also hoping to find someone playing a more intimate style of music, for whom I can play bass as a sidewoman, so I can just concentrate on my bass playing, maybe a singer/songwriter kind of thing, or Americana, or even country. For The Eliza Effect, I intend to be on rhythm guitar, because I feel that that’s where I have the most influence over the sound of the band, as a whole.

I’m originally from NYC, and have lived in South Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Seattle, but I live in Vermont now, and I serve on the organising committee of a local youth rock music festival in Brattleboro, VT, called BrattRock ( We sadly were unable to hold the festival this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we will hopefully be back up and running again this year. I also serve as Lighting Director for the festival (at least until we can get some kids to take on the responsibility), and also sometimes as an Audio Engineer (again, the kids are supposed to be doing all the work, but it’s tough trying to find kids will to do it. The festival usually features about 20-24 bands on two stages, and all members of the bands/acts must be under 21.

We’re closely allied with the Institute for the Musical Arts in Goshen, Massachusetts, which is close by, and whose students and graduates have been members of many of the bands we’ve featured. IMA ( is famously run by June and Jean Millington, the former members of the 1970s female rock group Fanny. It’s my distinct pleasure to know the Millingtons, especially because, like me, they are Filipina Americans. They have shepherded some amazingly talented and accomplished young women, with whom it has been my honor to work to provide them with audio and lighting support, and sometimes performance advice.

Some trivia about me:
I went to Carnegie-Mellon University, first for Music Theatre, and then for Theatre Technical Production/Lighting & Sound Design. My first job out of college was working on the Lighting crew at the Trump Plaza Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. I work back of house with the celebrity talent, and that means You Know Who was constantly poking his head in to hob nob with the stars. So, yes, I’ve met him and been in small rooms with him with very few other people, and yes, he is exactly as awful as he appears to be.

If you frequent The Gear Page or TalkBass, you will find me on there as “amper”, which is my maiden name, and how I signed up for those sites about 15-20 years ago.

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  1. Hey Gemma ! My name is Simdi , I’m a bassist , sound artist and visual designer. I think it’s so amazing you studied sound design ! I’m studying graphic design and sound art/design now and it’s incredibly interesting. The more I learn the more questions I have. It’s like an vast sonic dimension with infinite possibility! I look forward to your band coming together (; 

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Gemma, you're such a badass! My name is Adi and I'm a songwriter and producer. Much luck to your band! I'm currently delving into expanding my hardware for recording so, I'll definitely check out your insight on The Gear Page.

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hi gemma and all,

i'm elizabeth (@elizabeth.a.smith on insta) and i am interested to learn more about the eliza effect only partly because that is one of my nicknames 😀 plus what i have going on is an indie-ish americana-esque singer/songwriter band project called bonescar currently with one member: me singing, playing guitar, and writing. i'm in search of additional vocals for deep harmony, drums, bass, and any other instruments that seem to fit (strings? vintage vibe keys? tbd). i've only written and performed one original song so far, but have notes on like, 20 others.

did piano, violin, voice, and musical theater as a kid, then picked up ukulele in 2019 and guitar in 2020. i also sing in an acapella punk band called the blue ribbon glee club, and  in non-pandemic times we perform all over chicago.

i'm 50, from the chicago area and live there now but have also lived in burlington vermont (7 yrs), brooklyn (8 yrs), cairo egypt (8 yrs), and a sprinkling of years/months in wisc and the bay area. i work in higher ed and am a single parent of two young kids, which doesn't leave a ton of time for music. i've taken online songwriting and guitar classes through old town school of folk music, and will do a little music production workshop with the org end of january, and try to perform in several open mics per month to hone my very rudimentary performing skills.




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