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A Space for Beginner Guitarists!


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Hey everyone! One of my personal favorite things about 1RAD is the amount of first time players choosing to use this time and space to begin their journey into guitardom. I would love for She Shreds and 1RAD to help and serve you in as many ways as possible. 

Let's use this space to introduce ourselves, and just ask questions + discuss how the process has been so far. 

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Hello all!   
First of all I am so happy to have found this community.  
For 2021 I bought myself a year long subscription to Fender Play.  I bought myself an electric guitar a couple of years ago as a part of my middle age whatthef?ck and wish I had done it years earlier because I love it even though I still can not play a thing, and don’t even really have callouses yet.   
Anyway, I struggle with anxiety and stuff plus I really don’t usually take selfies and post myself on social media so even the thought of posting one riff is rather daunting to me but I really hope I do.  But until then I’m following #1rad as much as I can and I can’t comment on everything but thanks to everyone who has posted for sharing, this has brought me so much joy.  
I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Stephanie, I’m @harrow95 on Instagram.  It’s been wonderful to meet you all!  

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Hello all! I’m Angie, I’m @radioactivequilts on IG. I picked up guitar a year ago. Before that I had about 11 year hiatus from music, but I’ve been playing music since 4th grade and I’m 40 now. I realized it had been too long and I had to pick music back up again. I am a trombone player, but a year ago I had surgery on my lip and it left my face numb in places, and the thought of never playing again scared the shit out of me and I knew I had to play something so I thought, well I’m alone doing this so why not guitar! I’ve been enjoying my journey so far. I ventured out and bought a mini midi controller with a drum pad to make my own beats. I’m tired of waiting for someone to come along with me on this journey so I wanted to be more independent. I also just started doing drag, so my drag king alt is so fun, but I am at some point going to incorporate guitar into my act. I’m looking for a electric guitarlele to shred on stage as a tiny Strat! I think it will be so fun! I have really enjoyed this month! I never knew there were so many of us out there, it makes me happy we exist and we are taking up space. I feel like my whole life until this point people have tried to gatekeep me from music, and now I just walk by those people and do my own thing. 😝

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