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Need any help w/ guitar/bass/uke techniques?


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Hey everyone! 

My name's Nikki Stevens, I'm a guitar/bass/uke instructor (most notably for Fender Play, but I've been teaching since 2005 and also owned my own guitar shop for a spell). I love doing the #1rad's, I think this is my third year... I've never really been in it to win it obviously, I just really enjoy the community, making new friends, and setting creative/technical goals. However my main goal throughout this #1rad is a continuance of what I stepped up to last March: to be there for the folks who just started playing or just started picking it back up during the pandemic. I'm lucky that I get to have a guitar in my hands throughout this whole thing, it's good to maintain my mental health, and I want to give back how I can! If you have a "how-to" or or technique issue with guitar playing (or bass or uke) *specifically* for your upcoming #1rad posts, I am more than happy to offer help, suggestions, tips & tricks. Maybe just drop the question below so we can all learn, or if you're more comfortable sending a private message that's fine too. Keep rockin!  -Nikki 


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