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Audioscopes for Cancer Season 2021: Connection

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Cancer Season to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

July 13, 2021
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by
Paterson Hodgson


This Cancer season, Jupiter and Neptune go retrograde as we step into a summer that plunges us back into “how things were before”— or is it “how things will be moving forward?” 

There are big decisions to be made, and those you love most will be affected by your choices. Take care and take your time as you choose how to step out now that the coast is somewhat clear. There’s no use in moving forward if you’re not making space for those you hold dear. It’s our connections to each other that keep us going through challenging times, and this Cancer season asks us to reconnect and invest in the people that bring us together.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1 aries web

I trust my decision to move forward in honor of lineage. 

Last month you may have had to make some decisions about the direction you want to take with your vocation as the world starts to open back up, and those choices start to pay off as we enter Cancer season. The Full Moon on June 24th highlights your career, bringing with it an unexpected opportunity for professional growth or a challenge that needs to be addressed in order to move forward. Center your need for a stable home and supportive network of loved ones with the New Moon on July 9th if the decision before you feels difficult to make—ask yourself how you can best honor those who have helped you along the way.

Audio Challenge: Practice asking for help from your support systems this month when things feel too difficult to do alone: advice on reentry into live music, help picking out new gear, tips on tone. Be sure to reciprocate—center mutual support in your relationships.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

2 taurus web

I renew my faith in the strength of my connections. 

On the Full Moon of June 24th, an adventurous leap of faith may bring with it some much needed connection as you refresh both future and past relationships. Venus enters the magnificent sign of Leo soon after this lunar transit on June 27th, re-opening spaces and places that you may have once believed were gone. The seeds that you plant today with friends and loved ones will blossom into opportunities come fall. For now, focus on your vision and renew trust in your ability to manifest at the New Moon on July 9th. You can only achieve what you believe is possible. 

Audio Challenge: In what ways have you been honoring your musical visions? In what ways have you been holding yourself back? Before you jump back into anything, let this reopening of opportunities and space guide your vision back into focus.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

3 gemini web

I renew my opportunities by settling my debts. 

It’s time to settle your debts as the Full Moon in Capricorn shines on your eighth house of shared resources on June 24th. You’ll have a helper in Venus after June 27th, when the planet of grace and charm enters your third house of communications. Honesty is the best currency, as is courage to face mistakes. Whether this means you’re going to be squaring out your finances or making amends with the past is your call, but be sure to clear your karma by the New Moon on July 9th. Having done your penance, the New Moon brings you the opportunity to regrow your support systems in a new, more vitalizing way: there’s nothing like the feeling of renewal to inspire some big steps forward.

Audio Challenge: Use this time to access your gear and music budget—and if you don’t have one, write out what seems reasonable at the moment, or what you’d like to manifest. Be honest with yourself about what is do-able, and what you’re working toward.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

4 cancer web

I receive the care and support that I freely offer to those I love.

‘Tis the season to take care of your loved ones, dear birthday Cancers and lovely Cancer risings. The Full Moon that kicks off your season on June 24th rests firmly in your seventh house of partnership, highlighting the importance of keeping your loved ones close and trusted ones even closer. This could be a time when you renegotiate a relationship or invest more deeply in one that is ready for the next step. Lovely Venus, entering your second house of fortune on June 27th, ensures that whatever connections you build now will strengthen your resolve and help you push forward. Make sure you take the New Moon on July 9th as a personal opportunity to initiate a new chapter—after reconciling commitments to others, it’s time to make sure you’re taken care of as well.

Audio Challenge: It’s time to celebrate, Cancer—both yourself and those you care for. Use this month to connect with those who have supported you and your music by making thoughtful plans to express gratitude and foster closeness. 

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

5 leo web

My actions feel more aligned when I know what I am aligning them with. 

Restlessness may manifest as a need to make changes in your daily routine now, as your season is fast approaching and you want to make sure to look and feel your best for the celebrations that are sure to come. The Full Moon on June 24th lands in your sixth house of health, so the focus may lie squarely on the physical aspects of self that are more easily appraised than the deeper issues that lie beneath the surface. There is much internal work to be addressed if you’re up for the challenge. The New Moon on July 9th will illuminate the emotional motivations behind some of your less than resonant patterns of behavior; there may be loss of direction, confusion, or indecision. The task at hand is to define what it is you value: the why behind the practice, the inspiration behind the drive.

Audio Challenge: What are the emotional motivations behind the practice, behind the drive? What is it that you value in your musical practice? Take stock of what pushes you forward, what you value, and what changes need to be made in your routine to honor both. 

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

6 virgo web

I expect nothing from myself except rest in order to ignite the creative spirit within.

All work and no play make for a detrimental imbalance to self and others, dear Virgo. What can start as a mild frustration at the onset of Cancer season can turn into full blown agitation by the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th, which highlights your fifth house of creativity and joy. Ease has been missing in your world as you’ve been striving to reach a new pinnacle, and now is the time to address this loss and course correct. Invest in making some breathing room in your schedule to do absolutely nothing at all: no penciling self-care time, no scheduling self-reflection. By the New Moon on July 9th you should have a clear vision of how you want to structure your time moving forward that is better aligned with the creative inspiration that initiated you down this road in the first place. 

Audio Challenge: Let your creative mind lead you this month. Carve out time to refill your cup by not scheduling anything at all—a whole day, a few hours to let your musical creativity show you the way. 

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

7 libra web

I can only reach as high as my root structure allows—investing in grounding is an investment in my personal growth.

It’s time to make sure your home and support system are in order. You can only strive as high as your ground, and with the Full Moon in your fourth house on June 24th it’s quite clear that this is the time for you to focus on matters close to home. Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Leo on June 27th and will bring ample opportunity to reconnect with friends and chosen family, but only if you’re feeling rooted and supported first. Otherwise the energy of re-opening may quickly become overwhelming, a flurry of changes too quick to keep track of. It’s better to take this time with ease, as the New Moon on July 9th promises far more inspiring opportunities for elevation in your career path, provided you’ve done the work to receive them.

Audio Challenge: What makes you feel grounded at home? What about in your support systems? Use this time to give your music space a makeover, and spend time with yourself to uncover what keeps you rooted so that you can flourish in weeks to come. 

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

8 scorp web

Small tasks will be rewarded with big steps later—make sure to wrap things up now so I can move forward with clarity. 

There may be a lot on your plate as we push into Cancer season, with the Full Moon on June 24th hitting a spotlight on your third house of communication and daily routine. But the emails to answer, responsibilities to fulfill, and plans to figure out will all be worth it come July, when opportunities for travel begin to unfold. If you can take care of the minutiae at the end of June, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful New Moon on July 9th that offers the opportunity to set a new plan in motion. Think of it as wrapping up the loose ends of an old chapter so you can step into something new. It’s better to take care of it now than have it show up at an inopportune time later.

Audio Challenge: Use this time to create specific and separate to-do lists for everything on your musical plate right now and get it done: gear maintenance, show offers, things that will help you re-enter the world of live music, etc.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

9 sag web

I let go of my expectations in order to invite deeper intimacy.

Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde right at the beginning of Cancer season, which may feel like the wild ride that was the reopening journey is starting to cool down now. The dust is settling, loved ones are finding new places to call home, and your relationships may need to transform as the new configuration of your personal constellations are revealed for 2021. The Full Moon on June 24th is the time to adjust to new circumstances, give what support you can offer, and let those you love find a place that suits them best. Cancer season is about letting go of the way you used to relate in order to invite new relationships based on deeper intimacy. Invest your energy in connections that support your drive on July 9th with the New Moon in Cancer: you will receive the quality of relationship that you are able to offer. 

Audio Challenge: Evaluate how you give and receive support—is there any imbalance on either side? Make sure the supportive energy you give others is returned, and vice versa.  

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

10 cap web

I acknowledge my relationship needs so that I may create clearer connections with others. 

Relationships require a fine balance between your own desires and those of others—and nothing will require your patience more than finding balance this Cancer season. On June 24th, the Full Moon in your first house will shine on the relationships in your life where you may be feeling less appreciation and celebration than you desire. That’s because Full Moons usually bring out the underlying factors that we haven’t vocalized but are nonetheless influencing your behaviors underneath the surface. It’s time to integrate these feelings so you can invest in your beloved connections with a renewed sense of trust and optimism. Do so by the New Moon on July 9th, when your seventh house of partnerships is emphasized, and you’ll be in an optimal spot to renew your vows or intimate a new romance. 

Audio Challenge: Do some stream of consciousness writing this month—don’t take your pen off the page and don’t stop writing for three full minutes. See what comes up, if there’s any feelings that rise to the surface that need addressing… and maybe you’ll even get some lyrics out of it.  

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

11 aqua web

My daily practice is inspired by clear purpose: I take the time to listen to what truly motivates me now.

Others may be celebrating the return of socializing and reconnecting, but if you’re feeling a bit more reserved, know that you are right on track with this Cancer seasons’ lunation. The Full Moon on June 24th shines on your 12th house of subconscious motivations and hidden desires, and this is usually a time when rest and reflection are called for in order to listen closely to what comes to light. The information you gather about the purpose you seek will help inspire a shift in your energy by the New Moon on July 9th, which offers you the chance to set a new wheel in motion. The clearer you are about what truly matters, the better you’ll be able to orient your daily patterns. 

Audio Challenge: It’s time to listen closely to yourself. Use this month to gather more information about your musical purpose, values, and goals without making any big moves—not yet. Take what you hear seriously, repeat it to yourself daily, and see how your energy shifts.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

12 pisces web

I can take on more responsibilities while still remaining true to myself and my purpose. 

With new responsibilities comes a new expression of self, and nothing will become more apparent this Cancer season than how your added duties impact your relationship to others. Whether a new job is taking up more of your time, or a leadership role asks you to take on a different expression of power, changing connections through changed expectations is the key point of the Full Moon on June 24th. Whatever information comes up for you will be for your benefit, as you’ll have the rest of the month to figure out how you want to move with these changes. May I make a suggestion? Remember what inspired you to take on this role in the first place, and center that. The New Moon on July 9th is in your fifth house of creativity and unique expression—remember that you don’t have to do things their way just to fulfill your duties.

Audio Challenge: Check in with how you express yourself musically. The world is different now, and so are you—try and change your writing (lyrics, tone, melody patterns) to express the most authentic version of you in this moment. 

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