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Audioscopes for Taurus Season 2021: Emergence

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Taurus Season to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

April 27, 2021
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by:
Paterson Hodgson

Taurus season opens up with a Full Moon in Scorpio that will dig up the past and ask you to reconcile memory with future direction. This lunation comes at an opportune time, as the beginning of Taurus season also marks the beginning of our integration with a new pandemic normal. Some decisions must be made about how you want to move forward in this society we are (re)building: How do you grieve what has been lost while finding hope for the future? Whom can you call on for support and inspiration? 

We’ll spend the first two weeks of Taurus season integrating emotional information in order to emerge with a strong foundation into the brilliance of the summer season, ready for the changes that 2021 brings.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1 aries

I acknowledge the spaciousness in my life as an opportunity to call in what I desire.

Yes, there have been a lot of losses in the last year. People will never be replaced, but their memories may serve as inspiration for what comes next. Certain paths may never be retread, but if you allow yourself to be guided in a new direction you may find more vibrant fields up ahead. Let the Full Moon on April 26th be the closure you need on certain open wounds that may never be healedmore but are now feeling easier to hold. This is the time when you reconnect with family and roots in order to guide you forward. Invite loving communication by allowing your process to be witnessed by those you love and trust. By the New Moon on May 11th, you’ll be able to reassess your strengths and find the drive to rebuild—perhaps with a little help from your friends.

Audio Challenge: Organize a song-share that (safely) meets regularly. Ask only your most trusted friends and loved ones to join. Use constructive input, loving communication, accountability, and the witnessing of process to guide each other toward creative abundance.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

2 taurus

I honor my desire for intimacy by first affirming my need for it. 

Happy Birthday, Taurus. With Mars moving into your house of communication and short trips on April 23rd, you’re offered the opportunity to travel or reconnect with some friends in order to revitalize. The Full Moon that comes right after on April 26th shines light on the health of your most intimate connection—are you adequately supported and celebrated during this time? You’ll want to feel the vitality of a strong and vibrant connection, so now is the time to invest in intimacy where you find it lacking. Last year dissolved old ideas and stagnant modus operandi; this year is about identifying the resulting space that has been made in your life and choosing to move forward with intention. Define yours by the New Moon on May 11th.

Audio Challenge: What fears have you been running from? What parts of your musical world do you hide from your most intimate connections, and why? If you had more support, would these fears and secrets be easier to hold? Consider opening up to the person closest to you, and let them both support and celebrate you fully.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

3 gem

I actively invite a new direction, acknowledging the end of my previous path. 

You’re right—something’s got to change. The beginning of Taurus season brings your daily routine, or lack of it, into sharp awareness as the Full Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer stir parts of your life that have lain dormant for a year. Shaking off the dust from a deep slumber, your ambition and agency awaken to a new light: the opportunity that lies at the end of this season, as yours is about to begin. The way you were running your life before isn’t up to par with the needs of 2021. Don’t try going back; look forward. As Venus and Mars enter Gemini in the first week of May, you’ll start feeling an influx of energy and drive, the promise of hope. Sit with it and let the New Moon on May 11th guide you towards the training and skills you need to take on the path that you know lies ahead. Nothing says trust like investing in your vision. 

Audio Challenge: Consider what parts of your music practice need updating. Maybe it’s learning a new skill, technique, or piece of gear, or maybe it’s honing in on a new dedicated routine or ritual—invest in your vision by revising how you move forward.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

4 cancer

I advocate for my needs in order to model respect for my energy.

The world is going to start opening up more rapidly now, and with it your opportunity to strike out and make changes also blossoms. The Full Moon on April 26th highlights your house of creativity and unique expression: this will be a month when inspiration may strike, and you find yourself working on something entirely new. It may be that the events of the last year inspire new work, or it may also be that reconnecting with friends and loved ones, especially at the New Moon on May 11th, inspires collaboration. Whatever the seed is behind this new work, the energy to bring it to fruition is also with you as Mars moves into your first house on April 23rd, blessing you with optimism and drive for all of Taurus season. Use it to your advantage. 

Audio Challenge: With inspiration comes the need for more creative energy. Use this month to explore what refills your creative source, what keeps you moving, and how you can preserve and regenerate your energy.

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

5 leo

I build the strong foundations I need in order to support my ambitions. 

The Full Moon on April 26th will bring to light the places where your footing feels less than sure, in order to inspire you to address the anxieties and doubts in question. Push past the inner critic and empower the optimist inside. The New Moon on May 11th offers the chance to do just that, giving you the opportunity to elevate vision on sound footing and stable ground. If you create the setting, inspiration will come. Reconnect with collaborators and visionaries as Venus and Mercury enter your house of community vision on May 3rd and 8th: it is through reconnecting with loved ones that you’ll realize the vitality of your creative power.

Audio Challenge: Give close care to your creative environment and collaborators this month. Redesign your space to ignite inspiration, check in with your doubts and anxieties, and reach out to those who help calm your inner critic.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

6 virgo

I center the power of human connection in my work, and recognize the inspiration I receive from those I love.

A long-term project is wrapping up this month, giving you the opportunity to invite a new endeavor. Look to the finalization of a current project that’s taken some time and energy to unfold by the Full Moon on April 26th. With Mars moving into your house of friendship and connections just a few days before, this may free up some time for reconnecting with friends and enjoying community. The inspiration for your next steps may come from a loved one or friend and inspire you to make some moves—literally or figuratively. The New Moon on May 11th is the time to set your travel plans in motion and make the necessary appointments for future movement: you’ll either be working on expanding your mind through more classes and training, or through a much-needed change in scenery. Don’t hesitate. 

Audio Challenge: Lay your task-driven mind to rest for a moment and indulge in community-influenced inspiration. Reach out to your people, and let those connections motivate your next steps forward.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

7 libra

I respect the resources I hold by using them with intention. 

It’s time to get your budget and expenses in order. Sure, the lockdown has made internet comfort spending a general pastime, but as we anticipate the world opening back up you’ll want to curb the number of resources going out and start focusing on what you need coming in. There’s no better time to do that than after the Full Moon on April 26th, which will bring to light some of the ways that your spending may be overreaching your income. You have a helping hand with Mars in your 10th house of vocation and career this month, so you could strive to gain some more avenues of resource this month through upgrades at work or intimating a new creative line. By the Full Moon on May 11th, you’ll have the opportunity to secure some additional support from a loved one or collaborator: just make sure the contract is clear, and that the risk is worth the reward.

Audio Challenge: Consider your musical finances this month. Is there more money going out than coming in? Are you saving up to record or buy new gear? Write out your current budget and expenses, make a list of your financial resources and options, and be very clear about your needs and vision.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

8 scorp

I actively pursue a different vantage point in order to gain clarity on my current situation. 

It’s time to hit the refresh button on this life and renew these daily patterns. The best way to move with the changes is to take the energy from the Full Moon on April 26th and set some plans for travel or expansion. If you time it right, this much needed reset will also invite new energy into your romantic connections—whether the relationship is lacking spirit, drive, or just lacking period. Getting out of town may have you meeting just the right person at the opportune time or taking a class together with a loved one may be just the inspiration you two need to renew the love line. Either way, take a small chance and let it pay off big, especially by the New Moon on May 11th when you can set some intentions for how you want to move forward given this shift in opportunity.

Audio Challenge: Book a trip focused on writing and playing music, visit a new-to-you record or gear shop, go see live outdoor music that expands your musical tastes—hit the refresh button through new experiences this month.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

9 sag

I have the capacity to face what once felt too difficult to hold as I give myself the space to process and move forward. 

You can’t hide those difficult feelings and ever-present doubts forever, Sag. The Full Moon on April 26th will make sure you realize that the voices of memories kept under wraps in your subconscious are just as compelling as ever, and are now ripe for the processing. The Full Moon on May 11th may inspire you to tackle this internal problem with external drive: exercise, a change in diet, more time spent outside. But talking it out with trusted ones will also prove helpful, especially after Venus and Mercury enter your seventh house in the first week of May. This is your time to move through the emotional challenges instead of sweeping them aside: emotional energy cannot be destroyed, just recycled and repackaged into light.

Audio Challenge: Think about all the ways you can use your emotional challenges to your creative advantage. Write the soundtrack to your inner turmoil, connect with others who have experienced similar emotional struggle—or those who will listen with care. Sit with your feelings, and see what light they may bring.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

10 cap

I honor the new role I’m taking on by making sure I have the spaciousness to meet my responsibilities. 

You’re viewing yourself differently now that you’ve arrived at a level of accomplishment that you’re comfortable with, and so too are your views on friendship changing. The Full Moon on April 26th will bring to light certain connections that no longer feel resonant with who you know yourself to be, and this month you’ll have the opportunity to address those concerns as well as invite new connections. Mars is entering your seventh house of partnership, indicating that a romantic connection may have strong potential for a serious match. But even as your social connections are shifting, it’s you who should be taking center stage in your thoughts. Pay attention to who inspires you, supports your vision, and energizes you to reach further— that’s where you want to invest your time. Make it so by the New Moon on May 11th.

Audio Challenge: Connections are everything to you this month, so use this time to invest in those who invest in you. Be clear with yourself: what do you need, what do you offer, and what do you refuse in your friendships and connections?

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

11 aqua

I actively invite the creative impulse that I need in order to recharge my steps forward.

With the Full Moon on April 26th in your 10th house, dissatisfaction with your current role is all but guaranteed. Focus on the life you intend to build instead of the one you’re not happy with. It can certainly be true that big changes need to happen in order to have more space for your creative expression, and you’ll definitely find the time when Venus and Mercury move into your fifth house the first week of May. Let the joy that you find in having more space to freely create inspire the intention you set at the New Moon on May 11th, focusing on a clear vision of the life you want to create moving forward.

Audio Challenge: Use your dissatisfaction to your advantage—you know what makes you unhappy; use that information to build your future. Make a list of changes to make, things that bring you joy, and what you’d like to manifest.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

12 pisces 2

I trust the path I have set before me, and communicate my intention clearly with others. 

The Full Moon on April 26th will bring some much needed clarity on the purpose behind your drive in the coming year. There are a new set of values that may get refined in this time, especially in light of the changing circumstances around you. The world is starting to open up, which means you’ve got to figure out how you want to join it. Use the insight to build better communication lines with loved ones, friends, and creative collaborators—especially on the New Moon on May 11th. With both Venus and Mercury in your house of home, you may be having some conversations with a partner about your future plans together or reconnecting with family that you haven’t seen in too long. Know what it is that you value in this time of change, and center it unequivocally. You can only call in what you’re willing to put in the work for.

Audio Challenge: Check in with your values, as they may have shifted in 2021. In what ways have you changed over the past year, and how have those changes reshaped your beliefs in yourself and your music? Share what you discover with a loved one.

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