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SS X NYLON SXSW Sponor Update v2

She Shreds X NYLON Official SXSW: Ft. CHAI, Leikeli47, Sneaks and More

February 12, 2019
Written by
Ashley Vaughn

She Shreds is returning to Austin to bring you this official SXSW showcase with none other than NYLON as co-partiers in chief.

PROUDLY FEATURING: Megan Thee Stallion, CHAI, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Leikeli47, Sasami, Combo Chimbita, RRUCCULLA, Seratones, Tasha, Sneaks, Sávila, Big Bliss, and Fatai.

Event details here. Made possible by Martin & Co., Guild, Ernie Ball, D’Angelico, Verb, Danielle Nicole, and Humankind Swimwear.

Creative direction by Joop Joop Creative
Graphic Design by Natassja Pal

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