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Video Premiere: “DIY” by PONY

June 9, 2017
Written by
Ashley Vaughn
Text by
Jamie Ludwig
Image by
Madeline Link

PONY hails from Toronto, where they’ve forged a musical path that merges spunky indie rock, power-pop, and the more saccharine flavors of 90s alt-rock and movie soundtracks.

Since coming together in 2014 solidifying a lineup of guitarist/vocalist Sam Bielanski, bassist Eva Link, drummer Matt Sandrin and guitarist Stephen Giroux, the group has made an impression on their city’s music scene, and caught the attention of Buzz Records, label home to other Toronto indie/punk darlings such as Fake Palms and Dilly Dally.

“DIY,” the lead track off of PONY’s debut 7” on Buzz, is about appreciating yourself and bouncing back stronger than ever in the face of heartache or rejection. With its upbeat rhythms, sing-a-long melodies, and easygoing moods, it seems more than likely it could pull a listener or two out of the dumps after being dumped.

Directed by Shawn Kosmerly from Here Kitty Kitty Productions, the video for “DIY” has a soft ambiance befitting of a Downy commercial or a teacup kitten calendar and embraces the band at its most clean cut, with plenty of jewel-encrusted phones, hugs, and lots and lots of dancing. If a second set of less glamorous phones didn’t get smashed along the way, you might get the impression it was sunny all the time in PONY’s world.

“It was such an amazing time and DIY style, which we love. We ended up trading our van for a day to rent the studio space from our babely friends at Kastor and Pollux. The song is about finding ways to love yourself even when you feel like no one else does. It was really nice to share that experience with so many beautiful and talented pals,” Bielanski says

Watch the video below and check here for updates on PONY’s upcoming EP, which is slated for release on Buzz Records this fall.

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