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10 Artists to Watch for at Brighton’s The Great Escape

April 19, 2019
Written by
Emily Harris
Text by
Isabella Gomez
Visuals by
She Shreds Staff

The Great Escape is coming, so be prepared on the rad music you’re about to hear. We got you though, here’s a list of acts you need to catch!


Hailing from rural Australia, Stonefield is composed of four sisters wading deep into the waves of misty psych-rock. Their third album, “Far From Earth,” was released through Flightless Records in April of 2018 and features the group tapping into murkier, metal-inspired tunes. Stonefield has supported everyone from Fleetwood Mac to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, but their brand of neo-70s flair stands strongly on its own. They’ll be playing three sets over the course of the festival, which will surely find them them making their way through every standout track their transcendental discography. 

Peggy Sue

Since their beginnings in 2007, Peggy Sue has seen members Rosa Slade and Katy Young crafting a continuous blend of folk rock and art pop, all tied together by their delicate range of harmonizing vocals. The British duo has toured with the likes of Kate Nash, Jack White, and Mumford and Sons over the years while releasing their three full-length albums. Most recently, they joined La Luz on a span of shows across Europe in the fall of 2018. Catch them back in their Brighton home base for The Great Escape on Saturday at Green Door Store. 

Porridge Radio

Dana Margolin started making music when she was 17 years old — but before long, her solo bedroom outfit, Porridge Radio, had grown into a full-fledged, five-person band receiving nods of recognition from The Guardian. Based in Brighton, the self-described “Emo Radio 1” group oozes through an array of blunt, deeply introspective lyrics set to upbeat instrumentals that might come to a screeching halt at any given moment. They’ll be treating crowds to all the jams from their debut LP, “Rice, Pasta, and Other Fillers,” on Saturday night at Green Door Store. 

Big Joanie

Guitarist Stephanie Phillips, drummer Chardine Taylor-Stone, and bassist Estelle Adeyeri bring together their titillating vocals for the Black feminist punk power that is Big Joanie. Describing themselves as “The Ronettes filtered through ’80s DIY and ’90s riot grrrl, with a sprinkling of dashikis,” the trio shine in their debut full-length LP, “Sistahs.” Released last November, the record lives and breathes beyond the punkers’ almost six-year career across London onto a new level of fuzzed-out feelings. Between their work to decolonize the DIY scene, mentor young female musicians through Girls Rock London, and stop racism on LGBT stages, they’ll be killing a 9:15 p.m. set at Green Door Store on Saturday, May 11th.

Sink Ya Teeth

Dance music, but make it emo. Sink Ya Teeth’s dark synth-pop set to spoken word declarations like, “I feel a little depressed/a little melancholy at best/But there’s nothing I can’t handle/With a little bit of rest” will get even the stiffest of bodies grooving to their cathartic, bass-heavy jams. The electro-punk duo comprised of Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford pay homage to the retro club scene in their debut album while still launching their own futuristic sounds into the stratosphere of trance. Find them preparing for takeoff at Green Door Store at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday. 

Los Bitchos

Los Bitchos finds three London ladies carrying strong Latin American influences into the world of indie psych-rock — and breaking all the rules while they’re at it. Whether it’s a cumbia’d out cover of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s “Trapdoor” or their original musings on “Bugs Bunny,” listening to the instrumental trio is more-or-less akin to dosing on a half a tab of LSD and boarding a bus in an Andean mountainside. Find them rocking out Friday at Jubilee Square and then again Saturday at Green Door Store. 


A graduate of the prestigious BRIT School — noting other alumni like Adele, Leona Lewis, and Amy Winehouse — and a favorite collaborator of Mark Ronson, Tawiah’s gospel-infused, alternative neo-soul carves out a space for both tenderness and exhilaration within a three-minute song span. The songwriter perfectly hits her stride as she invites you to move with her or stop holding your breath on her most recent, critically-acclaimed EP “Recreate.” Don’t miss her bringing it all to life on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Komedia. 


Originally from Queens, New York, the ethereal duenditaexpertly blends the spiritual and the political in an emotionally-punched EP titled “direct line to My Creator.” Whether she’s riffing on police brutality, Black and brown divinity, or feminine worship, her voice carries listeners through both heaven and hell in only half an hour. She acknowledges the pain and marginalization of communities of color, but her empathic power carves out a space for growth, revivance, and euphoria. Let her take you there on Thursday during an 11:15 p.m. set at Latest Music Bar.

Body Type

Australian garage rockers Body Type sing about heartbreak, suburbia, and going to the dentist — and they’ve caught all the rage in Sydney’s music scene. Made up of guitarists Sophie McComish and Annabel Blackman, bassist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, and drummer Cecil Coleman, the four-piece outfit delivers recklessly fun jams reminiscent of Debbie Harry and Karen O. Their debut self-titled EP received rave reviews and will surely get some playtime during their Friday and Saturday sets, alongside some new material due out May 3. 


At 20 years old, KAIIT’s effortless riffs and irresistibly smooth beats already have Vogue UK and Red Bull Music obsessed with her sound. The Melbourne-based singer and songwriter eases her way through soulful melodies about stalking an ex on social media, giving a friend advice, and weed lullabies, all off the aptly-titled EP “Live From Her Room.” Having racked up more than 1.2 million streams on Spotify for her first two singles, KAIIT is here for the long haul. Don’t miss her set at The Great Escape. 

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