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It’s Time to Vote! She Shreds #1RAD Finalists 2021

For 31 days over 300 musicans from all over the world riffed every day. 10 #1RAD finalists have been chosen—now it’s time to vote!

February 5, 2021
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She Shreds

Update 2/8/21: We are pleased to announce the 1RAD finalist winner is @its_tarafying! Congrats to @ria_modak and @a_sleepless_mind for being 2nd and 3rd runner ups!

Every year, the participants of She Shreds’ #1RAD Challenge completely blow us away. From getting creative with how you collaborate during a pandemic to sharing your progress during our #1RAD open mic, you all stepped it up in 2021. 

This year, unlike any other year, we saw around 1,000 1RAD sign ups and around 300 musicians from around the world who completed all 31 days, making it very difficult for us to narrow down the Top 10 Finalists, who are listed below! 

How We Chose the Top 10 #1RAD Finalists

When choosing the Top 10 #1RAD finalists, we followed the following criteria:

  • Completed the full 31 days of the #1RAD challenge from January 1st – January 31st
  • Posted IG feed posts and/or stories (as highlights) all 31 days of the challenge, and tagged @sheshreds_media and #1RAD
  • Embodied the She Shreds definition of shredding
  • Showcased incredible progress and/or uniqueness
  • Made us *feel* something

How to Vote

Top 10 Finalists

  1. @the_gracefoster

I’ve basically been humming this song since the day it was posted! It literally gives me chills and I just feel like it’s a hit in the making. – Fabi / Founder + CEO

2. @erika_ms_music

I absolutely fell in love with this house vibe. As someone who really loves to dance til 5 in the morning, this vibe really made me feel like I was in that moment. – Fabi / Founder + CEO

3. @ria_modak

To me, their guitar tone is perfect. And the way their fingers glide across the fretboard is SPELLBINDING. – Cynthia / Staff Writer + Editor

4. @hayleighkingmusic

The way that this guitar piece truly sang was out of this world. The song is expressive in so many ways and I just love the way Hayleigh experimented with voicing throughout the month. In all I really felt that they’re specific style of playing was really unique. – Fabi / Founder + CEO

5. @niecyblues

They sound HEAVENLY. I love the way niecyblues’s voice and guitar work together and create this gorgeous harmonious sound. – Mika / Creative Intern

6. @its_tarafying

They honestly made me actually want to listen and play this style of music more than ever. Their tone was always so on point and I was super inspired by their amazing sense of timing. – Fabi / Founder + CEO

7. @nicole.aiff

Her production mixed with the guitar was really great!! Also adore the guitar tone. – Aricel / Creative intern

8. @chiplaysguitar

I love the confidence and energy they play with- they’re such an expressive guitarist and they inspire me to play more and to believe in what I play! – Mika / Creative Intern

9. @deardolphin

This was Dear Dolphin’s first time tapping and I felt like it really spoke to their ability to connect to their inner voice. There’s a lot of beautiful expression in the rest of the month but to me, this almost demystified the extremely difficult technique of tapping while making me feel some type of way. – Fabi / Founder + CEO

10. @a_sleepless_mind

Their riffs are so smooth, and I love the backing tracks—especially the potato chip crunch beat! – Cynthia / Staff writer + Editor

Beginner Congrats

We want to give a huge congrats to all of the first time player’s who picked up the guitar this month and committed to the 31 days. We know that there are so many of you out there and here are three folks who stood out to us! Congrats!!


sashasamara 2



cat twom 2

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