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Our #1RiffADay Challenge Is Back This January 2020

December 27, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer
Design by
She Shreds

That’s right—our 31-day #1RiffADay challenge is happening in January, with more direct support from She Shreds and some awesome prizes!

In 2017, She Shreds organized the first #1RiffADay, a month-long daily challenge in which we invite readers to participate by playing their instrument for 31 days in a row. With #1RiffADay, we hope to inspire creativity, eliminate self doubt, and, of course, get you shredding.

What Is 1RiffADay?

For 31 days, we encourage our readers to commit to playing their instrument for at least five minutes every day, sharing their process by posting a video on Instagram, and tagging @sheshredsmag and #1RiffADay. Throughout the month, She Shreds provides direct support through challenges every Wednesday in partnership with Yousician, riffs from our HQ, video submissions, lessons, and more to keep you inspired. Check out our roundup from our last challenge here, and a couple of our favorite posts from last year’s participants below:

Literally everyone! But here are a few objectives:

  • You’ve always wanted to play the guitar or bass, but have yet to give it a shot. 
  • You’re planning on writing an album in 2020 and need to kickstart some ideas.
  • You’re comfortable with your playing but you’ve been stuck forever, and maybe it’s time to get out of that rut and challenge yourself to new things. 
  • The 31 day #1RiffADay challenge takes place from January 1st – January 31st.
  • We challenge you to spend at least five minutes with your guitar, bass, or any other instrument of choice every single day of January.
  • Anyone can enter at any time and participate for as long as they want but only those that complete all 31 days will be eligible to win.
  • IG feed posts must tag @sheshredsmag and #1RiffADay. 
  • IG stories must be saved as a highlight on your page and feature @sheshredsmag and #1RiffADay tags.
  • We will choose ten of our favorite players who have completed the full 31-day #1RiffADay to be featured on She Shreds.
  • On February 3rd, our readers will vote for the #1RiffADay winner from the ten featured participants. 

The winner of #1RiffADay will receive a feature on the She Shreds website, and a prize package from Yousician that includes:


Can I enter if I don’t know how to play my instrument?

100% YES. #1RiffADay is for everyone, no matter your skill level. We encourage those who are learning to participate as a way to document and showcase your progress over 30 days.

So… do only skilled players have a chance at winning?

Nope! She Shreds will choose the top ten players (of all abilities) at the end of the month and our audience will vote for their favorite.

Where do I sign up?!

There’s no official signup—just start riffing on January 1, document your riffs everyday on your Instagram stories or feed (or a combo of both), tag us, and you’re in!

Do I have to write original riffs, or can they be someone else’s?

It can be any riff you want, so long as you feel like it’s contributing to your goal.

Can I change instruments throughout #1RiffADay?

We encourage y’all to change it up for inspiration’s sake!

Should the #1RiffADay Instagram posts be in my feed, stories, or a combo of both?

#1RiffADays posts can be either in your feed, stories, or a combo of both. As long as there are 31 riffs accounted for at the end of the challenge and you tag @sheshredsmag, you’re good to go!

Is there a time requirements for posts?

Nope! Your story or feed posts can be as long or short as you’d like; there’s no time requirement.

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