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The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The destruction and displacement of homes and ecosystems due to unnatural forest fires. 

The mexican collective of survivors and mothers of victims demanding rights and security for their lives.

This and much more in only the last two weeks. 

This weekend, we reflected on finding Rebirth through Death and the moments that not only remind us of that, but also focus our collective consciousness. When we found ourselves feeling hopeless and anxious, asking, “What can we do? What do we do?” we realized that without connection to ourselves we lack the energy to take action, or even the vision towards action

Music is a tool to connect with and understand the world around us. Whether you’re a listener or a creator, use music to connect to your truth and realize why the tools you already have within yourself are exactly what we, as a collective, need in order to fight what’s next. 

Below is an exercise in regrounding yourself through your guitar, instrument, or listening to music and sounds in general. Hope it helps you all! 

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Length of time: 20 – 30 minutes 

Step 1:

Find a comfortable, inspiring, and calming place to sit. Take 3–5 minutes to mentally or physically write out what you’re fearing. What is making you feel heavy at this moment? What is coming up when you think of the word “hopeless”? 

Facing these emotions will begin the process of release, which will lead to a clearer vision of how you can move forward.

Step 2:

Close your eyes. Take five deep breaths and note of the beat and rhythm of your heart. Tap your foot along to it.

Step 3:

Take another 2–3 minutes to mentally or physically remember/write down three things you have overcome in your life. Think about how difficult and daunting those things felt in that moment. Reflect on where and how you found the courage and strength within yourself to overcome them. What did you have to let go of and what did you gain because of it? 

Step 4:

Take another deep breath and be as present with your thoughts and breath as possible. Pick up your guitar or other instrument and let yourself play whatever comes to mind for 5–10 minutes. If you don’t play an instrument, find songs that make you feel good and curate a playlist for yourself and your friends.

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