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Artists and Organizations They Support, and Where You Can Donate This Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

We compiled a list of artists we love, the organizations they support, and where you also might like to donate this Giving Tuesday!

If you’ve been trying to think of somewhere to donate this Giving Tuesday (if you have the means), we compiled a list of some of our favorite artists and the organizations they support to give you some ideas!

Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz – Harm Reduction Coalition

Sadie Dupuis is a strong advocate for naloxone, or Narcan, a nasal spray that can bring someone out of an opioid overdose. The guitarist and singer in Speedy Ortiz and Sad13 carries Narcan on her at all of her shows (the medication can be obtained with many insurances), and speaks openly about harm reduction on stage. She urges people with the means to donate to the Harm Reduction Coalition, an organization that supports communities impacted by drug use, and has been fundraising for the advocacy group at Speedy Ortiz shows. For more information, watch the video below and consider donating!

Katherine Paul of Black Belt Eagle ScoutNational Indigenous Women’s Resource Center

Katherine Paul, a musician who grew up in the Swinomish Indian Reservation in NW Washington state, speaks openly about the history and truth behind the land we inhabit: “For far too long, the music and entertainment industry has profited off of stolen land without giving back to native communities. I hope to change that with making space for indigenous people at my shows, within my tours by being respectful and acknowledging those before us. Land acknowledgments are the least we can do – and in fact, we must do more.” The singer-songwriter has been donating $1 from every pre-sale ticket from her current headlining Black Belt Eagle Scout tour to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, an organization with a mission to enhance the lives of Native women and their children. Black Belt Eagle Scout released their sophomore album, At the Party With My Brown Friends, this past August.

Madame Gandhi – Planned Parenthood

In October, Madame Gandhi released Visions, the second installment in her album trilogy and ongoing project that elevates women’s voices. The electronic musician, drummer, and activist also released a fall merch line, Vision 2020,  in which she collaborated with several women and queer-owned clothing brands to create colorful and uplifting pieces—and better yet, 5% of proceeds from Vision 2020 are donated to Planned Parenthood.

Tasha – #NoCopAcademy

Songwriter, poet, and activist Tasha released her debut album, Alone at Last, last year. Tasha donated $1 from each LP sold to #NoCopAcademy, a collective of organizers working to prevent a $95 million police academy from being built on the westside of Chicago.

Jenny LewisLos Angeles Downtown Women’s Center

Our Issue #15 cover artist Jenny Lewis organized a listening party for her latest album, On the Line, this past March, and in support of the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center. Co-hosted by actress and comedian Vanessa Bayer, the three-hour live event featured a variety of comedians and musicians (including St. Vincent), and made over $10,000 for the LA Downtown Women’s Center.

Diana Gameros – Chicana Latina Foundation,Women’s Audio Mission

Singer-songwriter and activist Diana Gameros won the 2014 Emerging Leaders Award from the Chicana Latina Foundation, an organization that promotes professional and leadership development of Latinas. Gamero’s songs are often focused on the immigrant experience, including her own. Her latest record, Arrullo, was recorded with the support of the Women’s Audio Mission.

Sheryl Crow, Thao Nguyen, Emmylou Harris, and More – Women’s Refugee Commission

Bringing together art and advocacy, The Lantern Tour is in its second year, and stands with families seeking safety at the U.S. border. The acoustic tour features a variety of musicians, including Sheryl Crow, Thao Nguyen (who we interviewed in Issue 15 interview), Emmylou Harris, and more. Proceeds will benefit the Women’s Refugee Commission,  an organization that works to improve the lives and protect the rights of women, children, and youth displaced by conflict and crisis.

Girls Rock Camp

It would be impossible to pair a musician with Girls Rock Camp—there’s just too many, and rightfully so! You can find your local Girls Rock Camp and donate to them directly, or you can donate to Girls Rock Camp Alliance, the international network (who we profiled last month). Either way, you’ll be supporting young shredders, and you can’t go wrong there!

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