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Audioscopes For Cancer Season: Rebirth Through Fire

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Cancer Season 2020 to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

June 26, 2020
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by
Paterson Hodgson
Music by
Divide and Dissolve

Cancer is the sign of home, hearth, and happiness through interconnection with family and kin. For too many of us, the right to flourish in ancestral lands and recognize lineage and kinship has been stolen by those who decided that their personal profit was manifested by their own god, decreed by the color of their skin, and destined by hierarchical belief systems that privilege greed over grace. Now the ocean tides are rising, breaking through every blockage and barrier between reclamation and recompense, opening the channels for what has been stolen to be paid back tenfold. 

But we, the beings made of carbon and heart, must prepare for the long ride down the rivers of circumstance in order to find the head, the source from which all direction flows. Rest is necessary, as is taking up the spear for battle. This will not be a battle won and lost in a night—this will be the initiation bell of a lifetime spent reckoning with the futures that have been lost. Read through your Audioscopes for Cancer Season and take on an extra challenge with the free, downloadable audio bytes created by Takiaya from Divide and Dissolve.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Cancer 2020 Aries

These bonds are not meant to be broken. Even if the body fades, the touch is lost, the bright light of recognition is tarnished by the heavy burden of memory, this cord that connects your belly to their belly, your mind to their mind, your heart to their heart, remains unfettered: not in use, but not broken. Like an open telephone line at the end of a tin can for you to scream your heart into. Even as you wish to rise above the circumstance of contrary patterns mired in pugnacious thoughts, so too will you find, when you look behind you, each one of them dragging along, trailing behind like cans on a car, announcing, “Just married!” You, and your inherited patterns, as one.

Audio Challenge: Which patterns in your music writing are serving you? Which ones aren’t? Listen to the Aries audio byte on repeat, and see what it tells you about your patterns.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Cancer 2020 Taurus

This may be a time of harvest, when all the seeds you’ve planted spring up through the hardwood floor and manifest the gilded future you’ve been eyeing through your one-way mirror, foretelling the future at your door. The promised land unfolds before you, but already there is a small voice creaking beneath the planks of the floor, reminding you that today you have plenty, but tomorrow you may have none at all. What does it matter, the seesaw of circumstance, the roll of the die across the green felt of material reality that blankets the dance of microcosm universes manifesting at your door? Without a reason, there’s hardly a matter. Find it.

Audio Challenge: What is your reason for creating music? Try to recreate the Taurus audio byte with your own instruments and gear, and meditate on the reasons music calls to you.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

Cancer 2020 Gemini

All the spells in the world won’t do the good that is promised when you lay your desires at the foot of a loved one’s door. The altar is set, the spells cast, the crystals collected, and the guitar tuned—but there will be no time for a performance now, not if you haven’t spent a moment looking past the bridge of your own nose. There is someone here who needs your help, and you have the energy to spend. Funnel that fickle talent into the manifest future, created by mutual ascendance merged with love. You will do better now, as long as you don’t worry so much about where you are headed; look instead at where we are headed, together.

Audio Challenge: Consider the noise heard throughout the Gemini audio byte, then write a song that incorporates noise and/or feedback into its foundation. Let it act as the voice of another—what is it saying?

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer 2020 Cancer

There are certain lines of resonance you are born into that will never lose their power, and then there are certain lines of connection that you take on willingly and invest in, doubling their energetic influence in your realm. Those chosen connections have the power to renovate or destroy, transform or abandon, make right or wrong any moment of short time you share on this blue sphere deep in the sea of ocean black. You do not need to consecrate all connections, but there is little energy in this field for placating those you know cannot hold on to the end of the rope as you swing ever higher into the stratosphere. Choose wisely.

Audio Challenge: Which connections are furthering your music? Which are holding you back? Use the Cancer audio byte as a guide to write a farewell song to those you might need to release.

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Cancer 2020 Leo

If you let yourself be guided not by the fear in the pit of your belly but by the spirits of your conscious past, then your willful actions will be blessed with resonance, tuned with emotional license, and pointed directly forward to the future. You will find your way out of this pit of self-denial and self-doubt, your conviction slicing through the myriad of voices like a gilded sword, finding that one chord that rings true. But actions born in trust come not from the mind that is fixated on a future goal, but from a heart that knows whatever reality must unfold in front of you will deliver you to the next harbor, from which your sails will be set free and your mind at ease. Listen.

Audio Challenge: Record a soundscape that uses space and bursts, like the Leo audio byte. Let the space be your conscious past and the bursts be the one chord that rings true for you right now.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Cancer 2020 Virgo

These empty rooms you can claim as your own are filled with the glittering reminders of certain moments that have passed you by, leaving memories of the futures that could have been in their wake, gilded frames on the wall showing the places you’ve wished you’d been. But not today. This time the moon rises over your desire for a change, lighting a channel that will give you free rein. You’ll do well to take a boat and set out on it. This is the time to finally test the strength of your convictions against the tides. You know the way: seen half in twilight and half in dreamtime, but always sure. Follow it.

Audio Challenge: Write your truth in a riff or vocals over the Virgo audio byte. Follow your gut, and don’t let your need for order get in the way of your voice.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Cancer 2020 Libra

If the floorboards have been set down right, if the rooms are filled with love, if the people you’ve invited in can hold you down, and if there is ample room to grow, then this shall be a time when the moon shines through the windows and finds you ready to take flight. But if the ground feels shaky below you, if it feels like there are unknown motivations behind closed doors, if the wind cannot whistle through the windows, then the structure will creak and complain under the pressure of your weight as you try to take off—giving way instead of holding you up.

Audio Challenge: Open the windows, call in your muses, and stomp away on the effects pedals you’ve been neglecting. Regain your balance, let the ground support you, and use the tempo of the Libra audio byte as your guide.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Cancer 2020 Scorp

There will always be new slights to tally, new messages of grief and glory to record, new enemies to counter, and old enemies to keep the score. We could spend a lifetime, you and I, righting every wrong in every corner of this vast earth. But we’d miss the reason for the rhyme, we’d lose the opportunity of time spent climbing up this mountain, pushing the boulder of our own ignorance up its slopes, reaching the top in order to take in the majesty that exists beyond this limited view.

Audio Challenge: Listen to the buildup and breakdown of the Scorpio audio byte. Write a lead that feels challenging to you, and play it over and over again. Don’t let mistakes trip you up—accept them and move on.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Cancer 2020 Sag

Yes, it feels like you’ve been losing for years now: the bag that held your hope, the armor that kept your heart warm, the hearth that lit your belly brightly, the network that held you close. But in this moment of chance and circumstance, there is magic hidden in each article you lose. Not in the past, piled up like gems that will never reach your hands, but in your pockets,  restoring the energy you’d sent out to its rightful owner. Take this moment to feel it sink deeply into the crevice of your chest; you have been given more than you have lost, if you know how to recognize it.

Audio Challenge: Create an ambient song that depicts all that you’ve lost, and all that you’ve gained from those losses. Use the Sagittarius audio byte for inspiration.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Cancer 2020 Cap

It’s difficult to find a way through this pile of rocks weighing down on your chest, keeping you pinned to the floor, preventing you from finding little channels of air in a sea of pressure. But there is someone, right now, just outside these caves, trying to channel you out. This may be a task for two: one calling out into the dead of night, the other locating your voice beneath the rubble. But they won’t find you—not unless you make the call.

Audio Challenge: Who is it that you’d like to let into your inner sanctum of music writing? Think about why and how, and then reach out to them.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Cancer 2020 Aqua

There are channels to dig, seeds to plant, forests to clear, and rivers to enchant. The long list of The Work that needs to be done continues to grow, with every opportunity capitalized on, and every threat identified and strategized around for possible danger. But there is always more to add to the list. Every stone unturned offers a new possibility that must be assessed, every seed planted represents more work to be done to ensure its bloom. But behind it all—the endless tasks to be performed, the manifold care that must be taken at every turn—there is a bright moon dipping up over the horizon, just long enough to whisper of something more.  

Audio Challenge: Write a to-do list of everything you need to do with music right now, and put it in order from high to low priority. If it seems like all work and no play, be sure to add fun rewards and activities after two or three to-dos are accomplished, like experimenting with sound or treating yourself to new or used gear.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Cancer 2020 Pisces

They are growing back now, these fields of resonance that you have carefully cultivated into fruition after the sudden loss. As the gate to the garden swings open and you’re finally able to step back into the love and comfort of those you hold dear, you recognize a new field—now emptied, ready to be seeded with the vision you have cultivated during these months of twilight, dreaming through the windows towards a horizon you know exists just beyond these doors. Don’t lose sight of it now, as the sun rises and your daily motions come back doubled because of the time spent away. You can step out beyond the confines of what you know, if you trust your vision to guide you through. 

Audio Challenge: Create a course of action for the next steps of your music. The world has changed in some ways, and yet is completely the same in others—take that into consideration as you move forward, be easy with yourself.

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