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Audioscopes for Aquarius Season 2021: The New Age Begins

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Aquarius Season 2021 to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

January 27, 2021
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by
Paterson Hodgson

Lurching from the last vestiges of power held by those who refuse to accept the responsibilities of the new age, we begin to build towards a sustainable future. No one said starting a new chapter would be easy—but the work must be done, and we are the ones to initiate it. Aquarius season starts with a magnificent jolt of energy: Uranus, the lightning bolt, meets Mars, the ruler of action and intention. As a new chapter unfolds, so too does our energy to meet it. 

To kick off a new year of Audioscopes, we’ve paired your readings with songs from pioneer jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams’ 1945 album, Zodiac Suite. Known as “the first lady of the jazz keyboard,” Williams was an influential American jazz pianist, arranger, and composer. A musical prodigy at the age of three, she taught herself how to play piano; at 15 she became a professional musician, having already performed with Duke Ellington who later praised her as “perpetually contemporary.” Williams came to prominence in the late 1920s and 1930s as the principal composer, arranger, and pianist for Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, and served as a mentor to the younger generation of 1940s bebop jazz musicians including Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk. She released 18 studio albums as a band leader, including her first extended work, Zodiac Suite, in which she crafted 12 songs dedicated to fellow musicians born under each astrological sign, including Billie Holiday (“Aries”). Zodiac Suite is considered as some of Williams’ most outstanding work, and was reissued in 2006 by the Mary Lou Williams Foundation.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1 Aries

The wheels of time keep trudging on, even if we’re not yet ready to meet them. It’s time to start moving forward, even if it feels like the right time to do so might never come. Aquarius season is the birth of the new: new office, new year, new time, new cycle. We’ve managed to pull ourselves out of old vestiges, even if the memories linger. This month, Mars (your ruler) is in your second house, which means you have the capacity to make big strides towards generating more of what you value. This will be especially true on January 20th, when Mars is conjunct Uranus and a new bell begins to toll. This is a day in which you can declare a new start—a step forward in alignment with the vision of who you want to become. Focus less on the material resources you need and more on the work you wish to do in order to elevate yourself and those you cherish. This is time for Aries the leader and motivator, not the Aries that goes it alone. 

The Full Moon in Leo on January 28th reminds you that your creative endeavors are just as important as your professional ones. As we enter February, the lack of social connections in your life becomes the key issue to address. You will find a way to start reconnecting with those that energize your practice, as this is a wonderful time for collaboration and leaning on a little help from your friends. Don’t be shy—ask for a favor if you need help sharing your new album or finding a distributor, especially on the New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th. This will be a promising time to bring your projects out into the open; this is your time to shine. Prepare for some changes as Aquarius season ends: Saturn will square Uranus on February 17th, bringing an unexpected issue to the forefront. Remember that no matter what the circumstance, you have the strength to meet it head on, though your grace will serve you much better now. 

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

2 Taurus

It’s been enough already. You’re going to feel a surge of energy this month as Mars, the planet that represents energy and drive, enters your first house of will and direction. This month, Mars will make a strong connection with Uranus, the lightning bolt, inspiring you to reach further and climb higher. This is the time when you feel like taking charge of your life, setting a new course, opening the doors wide, and letting fresh air flow through. But unfortunately, for most of us, that won’t be entirely possible at this time. What may visit you instead is frustration that can boil into anger if left unchecked—so, check it. The Full Moon in Leo on January 28th will bring to light all the frustrations you’re feeling with being locked into such small spaces for so long. You must remember that there is no one in your immediate family or home to blame—these small, enclosed spaces are the problem of our time. 

What you can do instead is build the space you need in order to express the inspiration that arises: invest in the tools you need to carry out a new project, clear some workspace in the corner of the room. By February 1st, when Venus enters Aquarius, you can be well on your way towards funneling that energy into an outlet instead of an axe to grind. This could be a time where a new and fortuitous connection is made, when the right ear hears the right sounds coming out of your work, but only if you’re in a good enough mood to share it. The New Moon on February 11th will give you the opportunity to envision how your creativity can re-spark the joy that has been missing in the monotony of these days, and how you can share that joy with others. Reach out to old friends and partners you miss playing with, especially around February 14th when Mercury retrograde is conjunct Jupiter; someone may be working on a project and you’re just the person they need to finish it. 

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

3 gemini

The apprehension you’re feeling at the thought of moving forward is entirely on schedule, as this year’s Aquarius season will be your moment to take a deep pause and recollect your thoughts. There is a vast amount of information being exchanged now, and it’s enough to make even the savviest feel like they’re swimming through thick air, trying to find a moment’s rest. Take it. Mars is in your 12th house this month, meaning you are in a time of review and reflection. On January 20th, Mars will make a strong conjunction with Uranus, the ignitor, initiating a cycle of contemplation as you take into account all the changes that have taken place in your life before deciding how to step forward. The Full Moon in Leo follows on January 28th, bringing more busy work and loose ends that will keep your mind occupied with small tasks that must be completed in order to bring this cycle to an end. 

Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on January 30th, and this will give you the opportunity to remember those connections you’ve already made that you wish to reignite. There are already inspiring people in your circle who you wish to grow deeper connections with—this will be the time to do it. As Venus enters Aquarius on February 1st, you’ll start to feel the deep longing for adventure, expansion, and new connections: all things not yet possible in this realm. This could be a moment of frustration, but if you focus on what you desire instead of what’s not available, you’ll realize you have everything on hand to make it work despite the setbacks. Look to the New Moon on February 11th to start a new program: a class, a workshop, or an apprenticeship with someone whose work you admire or whom you’ve started reconnecting with. When Mercury is conjunct Jupiter on February 14th, you may find yourself starting a new relationship with someone deeply motivating who pushes you further—something you didn’t think possible because of the circumstances, but came through nonetheless.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

4 cancer

The company you keep can either enhance the scope of your vision and support your strides, or limit what you believe you’re capable of achieving and hold you back from stepping into the shoes you are meant to fill during this time. Pay attention to the latter. Mars is conjunct Uranus on January 20th in your house of collective visions, dreams, and manifestation for the future. What you have been dreaming about will be within your grasp, but this is especially true if you have the support of a team that can help you realize it. The Full Moon on January 28th will bring a renewed appreciation of your skills, and the strength you need to identify the environments that have you second guessing the will of your heart. Choose yourself this time. Follow the inspiration that is already blossoming in your heart. You know in which direction you are headed. 

Mercury goes retrograde on January 30th, pressing you to recognize all the compromises you’ve made to appease others over yourself—but this time will be different. As Venus enters Aquarius on February 1st, you’ll recognize that you have quite a bit of power in this situation, and the strength to make new connections that will help you reach higher. Be careful about taking too much on in this moment, as many opportunities may open up once you choose to follow your heart. Pick the projects you participate in carefully, keeping a watchful eye on how many commitments you take on—and with whom. Who you work with is just as important as what you do together now. If you have good partners on your side, then the New Moon on February 11th may bring the resources you need in order to get this new venture off the ground, just make sure you don’t go overboard. After a year of working slowly and methodically in confinement, you might feel like you need to say yes to every opportunity that arises. But trust: your luck is already changing and will continue to do so in 2021. Let only the right one in. 

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

5 leo

There are big changes coming. Mars is in your 10th house of career aspirations, long-term goals, and higher-level pursuits, which means you’re ready to be challenged again. It’s not enough to find sure footing on the ground—it’s time to find creative praxis that lets your heart soar. But you must be careful of hasty decisions done out of spite or frustration, especially at the beginning of the month when that same Mars meets with Uranus on January 20th. Uranus is the lightning bolt; it energizes and inspires, moving you to reach for higher ground. But energetic impulses don’t always transfer well to material changes. Ambition must be met with temperance. The key to finding your path forward is to build a network of mutual support during this difficult time. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that none of us can go it alone, and that’s especially true for you in this season. 

The Full Moon is on your side on January 28th, continuing to build your confidence and energy for moving forward. Use it to reach out to those you have worked with in the past, especially around January 30th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your house of partnerships and reminds you of the beautiful work you’ve done in collaboration with others. As Venus enters your seventh house on February 1st, opportunities will arise for making new connections with people who value your work and can elevate your chances of success—make sure you are putting your best foot forward now. The New Moon on February 11th, happening in your seventh house of partnerships, brings an opportunity for reigniting loving connections. If you’re in partnership, this will be a brilliant time to reconnect with romance. And if you find yourself wanting to make new connections, this is a good time to reach out. Be careful towards the end of the month, when Saturn makes a challenging connection with Uranus: you may find some difficulties in your line of work, or a barrier you didn’t anticipate. Remember to lean into temperance and patience in order to make it through unscathed.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

6 virgo

We did it. We survived four years of unshakeable misery and lived to tell the tale. Now will be the time to pick up the pieces—nationally and internationally, of course, but more importantly: emotionally and personally, as well. You’ve had to do a lot of buffering and wall building in order to manage the day-to-day stress while keeping tabs on the ever-growing danger of white supremacy. The change in power that initiates this month by no means indicates that the work is over, but at least they’ve lost a giant bullhorn to their cause. Now you can work on beginning to unravel the armor you’ve built around your heart to keep you shielded from the daily energetic attacks. Mars is in your ninth house, giving you the drive to decide what these next four years will be about. If you no longer have to define yourself by what you reject, then you’ll have to start defining what it is you want to work for. 

You’ll have help from the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th, which lights up your 12th house of spirit, reminding you of the energetic principles that drive your actions. Instead of focusing on the perfect execution of a task, remember the energetic principle behind it instead. Hold yourself to that vision. Mercury, your chart ruler, will go retrograde on January 30th, so you’ll have ample time to reflect on what the core values behind your work are. Even if you’re inundated with daily tasks and to-do lists, you won’t be moved to a fever-pitch speed as you would before. You must have time to rest. Focus on the connection between your spirit and body now, especially as Venus moves into your sixth house on February 1st. This is the time to show yourself the loving care you wish to receive from others. You will have so many opportunities to get every single task done, but only if you listen to your own heart first. Trust it, and trust what it is that you desire right now. By the New Moon on February 11th, you’ll be ready to start a new practice that integrates your principles with your energetic availability; no need to strain yourself when you have your priorities right. 

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

7 libra

There comes a time when we must face what we fear in order to move forward. The next month may be just that time for you, Libra, as Mars is in your eighth house of transformation and consequence. It’s from your connections to others that changes will take place this time—no matter how well or carefully you’ve cultivated a connection, there will always be new challenges on the horizon when the season changes. The Full Moon in Leo on January 28th will bring with it needs from your social connections, especially friends and kin who you haven’t seen in too long. The lack of interaction has hit its peak and must now give way to rebuilding the contact you used to enjoy. 

But the reconnections will also bring the opportunity for a new romantic enterprise, if you’re ready to give your heart another chance and have the availability to do so. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th brings with it the chance for romance and creative collaborations. Be especially careful with whom you invite into your circle now, as isolation may have made you a bit less discerning, and you may take more risks than you would normally allow. This could cause problems in the relationships you’ve already cultivated, especially if you disappear from those who have stood with you through the long night. Remember to continue investing your energy in those who have stood strong by your side, even as you begin to explore something new. 

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

8 scorp

Some difficulties and changes may be arising in your relationships now, especially those closest to you, as Mars, your ruling planet, tours your seventh house of intimate connections. The seventh house rules both partnerships and open enemies—the idea is that those that shape our energetic expression the most are the ones who inspire the deepest emotional shifts. This month, be careful what you project in this arena, as quite a few assumptions become reality simply through their own self-fulfilling prophecy. If it feels like you are confronting the same issues over and over again or have lost your way down a long and forlorn tunnel, look to the Full Moon on January 28th for a shift in focus. This lunation will bring with it an opportunity for career advancement, and a much needed change in perspective. 

Some of your frustration may be related to your own struggle in finding firm footing during this time of change, rather than any fault in those around you. As Venus moves into your fourth house on February 1st, the opportunity to address your uneasiness will present itself. This is the time to reorganize your home, figure out what you need to feel secure in yourself, and start creating strong inner foundations to move forward from—the root work must be done this month. The New Moon on February 11th is the time to call in your guides and ask for the strength needed to face the unsettled feeling that lives within. You have the capacity to move through this—and it’s ok to ask for help. 

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

9 sag

Despite all the difficulties of a new year, your star is on the rise. After a long year of battling anxieties and circumstance, this Aquarius season brings with it many opportunities for you to shine. The Full Moon in Leo on January 28 will bring a renewal of your energy and a reminder to focus on the long term plans you’ve set for this time. If you start feeling overwhelmed by all the changes taking place in the political sphere, take this date to remind yourself of what you’re actually trying to achieve right now. There will always be new developments in the 24-hour news cycle, but the best way to engage is to figure out your unique contribution to it. 

When Venus enters your third house on February 1st, you’ll find new work opportunities knocking on your door, perhaps even more than you asked for. Discernment will be highly beneficial now. This month, the key is to continue striving for what you are trying to achieve while also considering your personal limits. This can be an especially fruitful time if you keep this small caveat in mind, as the strong emphasis on your third house in February means that the power of your voice will be noticed. This is the time when you can speak your vision into manifestation, especially if you know who can help you achieve these new endeavors. Look to the New Moon on February 11th, which brings a beautiful alliance between Venus and Jupiter in this same house—this will be a beautiful day to start a new project with someone you trust. 

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

10 cap

It’s time to invest in yourself in order to reignite your passion, now diverted into new ventures. Last year brought nothing else if not a loud wakeup call: you need to focus on your self-development more than you need to achieve any particular markers of a professional life. There will be nothing to celebrate if what you reach for isn’t aligned with what you truly enjoy. Mars is in your fifth house this month, which means that pursuing what brings the light back into your life is the focus now. January 20th will bring a new opportunity for creative expression, so make some space on this day to invite inspiration into your life. It will be difficult to hear the notes of a new tune if you’re not listening. 

When Venus enters your second house on February 1st, inspiration can turn into a valuable avenue for restoring your faith in yourself and your capacity to elevate. It’s true that things are still very much up in the air when it comes to political and social matters, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait on the sidelines for the view to clear up. The time to get the ball rolling is now—take it. The New Moon on February 11th is a wonderful time to commit to a new course of action, especially if you can find a way to integrate your new insights in your daily practice. You can work just as hard as you have in the past, but you’ll get much further if you’re doing what you love. Now isn’t the time for doubt—it’s the time for action.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

11 aqua

Happy Birthday month! This is a beautiful start to your new year, despite the rough start we’ve had of it. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December 2020 kicked off a new cycle which is just beginning to bloom, and it will bring opportunity for renovation and reconnection, which is much needed now. For you, this brand new start is an opportunity to reinvent yourself in a direction that aligns your most courageous vision with a dedication to your past. As we begin to move forward collectively this year, the roots of your experience will become increasingly important. There can be no moving forward unless you truly understand where you’ve been.  

As Venus moves into your first house on February 1st, you’ll be enriched with the charm and grace of the planet that opens up new connections and allows mutual ascendance to spring forth. This is the time to open up the windows and doors and let a new breeze blow through so that your spirit can be renewed. You may find yourself making changes at home, anticipating a time when you’ll be able to have guests over or go out to a party or two. The time hasn’t quite arrived yet, but this is the moment to prepare. The New Moon on February 11th falls in your first house and makes a beautiful connection between Venus and Jupiter. You may meet someone new, or at least feel open to the possibility. Take it.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

12 pisces

There will never be an end to the waves rising and falling across this world, and no shortage of people to ride them. But during this next month, as fortunes start to turn, you may feel the pull of introspection and rest. It will be difficult to find the respite you crave on January 28th when the Full Moon in Leo brings more work and commitments to the table. But while some may be feeling the inspiration to start moving forward, you’re perfectly in your element while waiting to see how things play out. Mercury goes retrograde on January 30th in your 12th house, slowing your roll down even further. This is a time to take advantage of the quiet moments, to write down what you hope to bring back into your life once the time to reconnect presents itself. 

New visions of what you may wish to achieve will arise now, especially if you take things slowly and listen to your intuition. Mars is in your third house, enabling you—when you’re ready—to rebuild bridges that have been washed away by the storms. But there is no rush this month: the New Moon on February 11th will allow you to release the pain of isolation that has been pent up since this all began. Remember who you were before this storm unfolded, and decide whether you want to take up that same life or start another. Next month will be your birthday and the time to take action. This month is for the preparation to restart. 

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