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Audioscopes for Capricorn Season: 2020 Vision

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Capricorn Season 2020 – 2021 to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

December 28, 2020
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by
Paterson Hodgson

The year of chaos comes to an end with a strong Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th, lighting the way into the New Year and reminding us that even though much has been lost in the storm, we have strengthened what matters most: our deepest connections. 

As we move into the dawn of 2021, Mars changes suit and pursues the realization of our collective visions with the determination of Taurus, ensuring we have the power to see ourselves through this next chapter and fulfill all the promises of light after a long storm. Look to the New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th as the time to commit to a new course of action based on the lessons learned from 2020 vision. We will build from what we have learned, not bury it behind us.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1 aries

And now we begin the slow climb up the mountain side, pushing our respective rocks against the pull of gravity that kept us close to the ground all year. Do you remember what it felt like to pull yourself up past the brim of the horizon, knowing there was a beautiful scene in store? The last of 2020 will feel like that moment between sleeping and waking, when we’re not quite sure if we should take those first steps up or lay in bed a little longer. You can wait past the square Mars, your ruling planet, makes to Pluto on December 23rd—this will be a test of character rather than an opportunity to elevate. The Full Moon on December 29th is a reminder to center chosen family and loved ones, your biggest lesson of this year. As we move into 2021 your energy will return, now inspired by the visions you entrusted to a new year. Mars enters Taurus on January 6th, and you’ll know that this chapter is truly behind us. By the New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th, you’ll know what energetic principle you want to dedicate your creative practice to, and you’ll have the strength to believe in it once again.

Audio Challenge: What has 2020 vision opened your eyes to? How do you want to enter 2021? Don’t wait until the New Year officially arrives—use this time to begin thinking about how you want your musical practice to look this upcoming year.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

2 taurus

The biggest shifts happen from within, when a misunderstanding held deep in the heart has finally shifted, causing a cascade of changes in your life like dominos finally giving way to a clearer path forward. This year has brought up a lot of strife, but the biggest challenge for you has been facing some of the beliefs you thought would hold you through any struggle. The Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th reminds you of the work you are here to do: clear ancestral stories in order to move forward with renewed light. As Mars moves into your first house on January 6th, you are energized with the renewed determination to create your own narrative out of this chaos, forging a path through this time that is entirely your own. It’s time to let those you trust show you how to step away from what you have known into what is truly yours. Sometimes the hardest comforts to give up are our own ideas about order, but by letting them go we can see what truly is. By the New Moon on January 12th, make a commitment to widening the scope of your vantage point—ask for the veil to be lifted. You are ready.

Audio Challenge: What beliefs about your music no longer serve you? How can you rewrite your own narrative so that it speaks honestly to the person you are right here, right now? Remember: it’s in moments of disorder when we can truly access who we are and what we need.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

3 gem

As 2020 ends, you leave behind all fears about your ability to find sure footing in this world. If the chaos has taught you anything, it’s that you can survive even the worst of storms and still find a soft, sweet place inside your heart to keep the light going until the sky breaks. The Full Moon on December 29th will bring a reminder that you can generate any resources you need—a parting gift from the goddess of chaos, as you leave her reign and enter 2021, with everything you need to get started. By January 6th, when Mars moves into your 12th house of spirit, you’re ready to channel the tones that speak to the deepest desires of your center. Move from this place with integrity, allow your trust to guide you through. Mercury, your ruler, will enter an expansive place in your chart now, allowing you to see the path that was meant for you when the others were blocked. Take it, and with the New Moon that rises on January 12th, make a commitment to trusting this voice that arose in the night—the one that speaks your heart true.

Audio Challenge: Think of your musical tone as an extension of your voice. How do you want your tone to change in 2021? What do you want it to say for you? What resources, what gear do you need to achieve this?  Commit to the tone that feels most authentic to only you.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

4 cancer

There is a great big stone inside your chest, right next to your heart, weighing down any moment of brilliant joy with a reminder of all that has been lost in this realm. Grief is a powerful motivator for personal transformation—it’s almost like being carried away on an iceberg, headed towards an unknown land, having no more say on it than trust that this current will bring you to a place of rest. The Full Moon on December 29th is in your sign, which means you’ll be able to reflect on all that has passed and all you’ve moved through during this short-long time. One year may have passed on the Gregorian calendar, but 10 years have been lived through in your heart—honor it. As Mars moves into the 11th house of community and connection on January 6th, you’ll find comfort and hope in the arms of those you choose to move into the light with. It will be time to make peace with loss—always with you, but not always standing in your path. It’s time you take your own steps forward now. By the New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th, you’ll know the power that lies in making connections that help pull you through difficult times and put the pieces back together. But remember it is you who chooses to bring them in; it is your heart who called in those who would help you through.

Audio Challenge: Hold a final vigil for all things musical you’ve lost this year (bands, tours, opportunities, etc.) and let it all go, for good. Light candles, make a list, and release. Make space for 2021 goals and what you need to do right now to manifest them.

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

5 leo

This whole year there has been a soft and quiet voice following your steps, directing your actions, leading you down the spiral staircase into the great unknown: the belly of your beast. Lying there in the dark hours of the night, alone, the world has come into sharp focus. There’s more to see here than what you’ve explored so far. So much more to go. And now as we step into the light of what will surely be the time for you to find those places, we have to make sure you remember that belly, the shape of the night, the dreams that held your light. The Full Moon on December 29th will ring out this year with a clear intention for what’s to come: you know what dreams you wish to serve by now. As we enter 2021, Mars ignites your house of offering, a time to step back onto the playing field and trust your craft. You’ll work on your daily practice this year, realigning actions with new intentions directed towards that energetic presence you trust. By the New Moon on January 12th, you will identify what practices need to go in order to realign. There are some habits that won’t be following you into the dawn.  

Audio Challenge: Consider how your daily practice may need adjusting. What habits no longer sustain you? What habits would you like to implement? Pay attention to what your heart tells you on December 29th, and make a game plan for your daily practice by January 12th. 

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

6 virgo

Learning to trace and retrace your path through ever-changing landscapes has given you two gifts: the strength to face changing circumstances, and the clarity to know what truly gives you grounding. It’s the second gift that will help most in the coming year, as you have the opportunity to reorient your life in order to align your actions with what you truly value. The Full Moon on December 29th closes out this year with a reminder that you are and have done enough. You cannot stop the losses from coming, and you cannot patch up others’ hearts so that they don’t face the brunt of the storm, but you’ve done everything possible to soften the blows. Now will be your time to collect the pieces of your own broken heart and take to mending. By January 6th, when Mars moves into your ninth house, you’ll be healed enough to take on a new course of study; there’s still so much left to be explored now that the doors start to swing back open and the sky has calmed down. Step out and make a commitment to trusting your creative vision by January 12th, when the New Moon shines on your fifth house of poetic expression. What better time to go for what you truly love then now, when you’ve made it through the storm?

Audio Challenge: What is it about your music that grounds you? Maybe it’s a belief, a certain sound, or an instrument. Identify the foundation of your practice and consider what’s yet to be explored. 

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

7 libra

Your worries are well warranted. Even though certain, perhaps superficial, things have changed the current situation, this does not ensure that you will find ease in your professional and creative pursuits anytime soon. It will be months before we meet with friends, and even longer before you’re able to enjoy a live show. But in this moment, you can be sure that the time to share your work is approaching. And for now, that will have to be enough. The Full Moon on December 29th brings with it a reminder of what you love about the work you’ve taken on, and how much you have yet to explore. As Mars moves into Taurus to ring in the New Year, your determination to forge ahead will grow. Make sure to take care of any relationships that affect your ability to move forward now—business partnerships and collaborators will have important parts to play in the next few months as we begin to meet again. Who you connect with now can make a real difference in how much you are able to grow. The New Moon on January 12th will focus your attention on the space you need in order to fulfill the promise of possible collaboration. Trust that you’ll be able to grow this creative vision very soon. Invest your time in making it a reality. 

Audio Challenge: Which important musical relationships have you neglected in 2020? Which ones have you invested way too much energy into without much reciprocation?  Begin nurturing the relationships you want to keep and letting go of the ones holding you back.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

8 scorp

This year has been a real test of character for the integrity of your soul. It’s not the make and metal of your heart, but the way you speak about it to others that has been weighed against the truth inside. In every place where a small lie has helped you move through a situation with more ease, you have been asked to confront the dissonance. Is it truly worth your time to believe in anything but the fiercest truths now? As we move towards 2021, you’ll be asked to apply that same grit to the foundations on which you have built your life. Have you been cutting corners on your visions in order to make them more palatable? The Full Moon on December 29th will remind you of what you have gained by sacrifice: dedication to self, belief in your vision, and determination to see it through. As Mars moves into your seventh house on January 6th you’ll be asked to review the strength of your connections against this same harsh light. You’ve got a big project in store—you can count on big movements following the storm. Do those around you inspire you to keep building your vision? Take care of the foundations you set, and the people who help you lay down those bricks. The New Moon on January 12th will help you decide whether it feels right. 

Audio Challenge: What small lies have you been telling yourself and others about your music? Can those small lies be turned into truths? And if so, what sacrifices must you make? Spot the lies, and determine which ones you want to be truths and which ones must be released. 

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

9 sag

There are so many things that didn’t go as planned, and so many people to blame for what went wrong. But in this moment, as this chapter starts to close, do you really want to go out holding a candle of frustration for those who stood in your path? There are so many opportunities blooming in the background, if you step into your capacity to trust that those who did you wrong will face their own just karmic deserts—this moment, however, is about you getting yours. The Full Moon closes out this year on December  29th, strengthening the courage you have cultivated through trust in the power you hold. This is your moment to realize that this year of loss has pushed you to depend on your power and strength alone, and you have been found capable of pushing through. As Mars enters your sixth house of work on January 6th you have the opportunity to change the course of your daily practice, aligning with your courage instead of your fear. This isn’t the time to return to the same wheels you spun before this moment: this is the time to initiate a new offering entirely your own. By January 12th, when the New Moon in Capricorn lights up your house of resources and stability, you’ll find that you’re fully capable of funding your dreams on your own grit alone. Go for it. 

Audio Challenge: What aspects of your musical practice have you been hiding from? What scares you the most? Use this time, along with your unrelenting courage, to address your fears.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

10 cap

You’ve had to let a lot of things go this year in order to move with the time that you’ve been given. But it’s not the goals or dreams or vision boards or future plans that have cost you the most: it’s the heavy weight of doubt that used to sit around your neck, reminding you at every moment of the things not yet finished. You’ve had to toss that ugly thing into the wind—who doesn’t have a long list of what was unfinished in 2020? But this constant companion, this drive to self-critique yourself into elevation must stay here in this night. As you walk towards the new chapter, remember all that you leave behind on December 29th, when the Full Moon in Cancer centers the clarity you have developed in your heart. As you move into 2021, Mars enters your fifth house of creativity, bringing back the practice that connects your craft with the spirit of purpose you have been able to regenerate in the night. As the New Moon in Capricorn blooms on January 12th, remember what you’re really here to do: not conquer, but integrate. Not achieve, but synthesize. 

Audio Challenge: Push aside all notions of success with your music and take a moment to connect to your purpose. What does it look like? Manifest it by writing it out or drawing a representative symbol, then hang it someplace where you will see it everyday. 

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

11 aqua

You’re not alone. Even if it’s felt like it for so much of the year, even if you’ve lost contact with many people you thought would always be around, even if you need to take a break from family, chosen and inherited—because you need some space to think. Even so, and more so, you’re not alone in this time, and you won’t be alone in this time for much longer. The Full Moon in Cancer on December 29th will bring with it the opportunity to cherish the quality of connection you value the most: the chance to build a vision with people who feel the same pull at the heart. As Mars moves into your fourth house on January 6th, you’ll find you have little patience left for home, this space you’ve inhabited for so long. It’s time to make some changes here in order to let in new light. Open the windows and let the cool air rush through, filling your lungs with promise. The New Moon on January 12th will bring you the answer you seek, if you’ve made the space within your home to receive it. Ask for guidance. Listen to what the heart has to offer. Trust. 

Audio Challenge: Use this time to make changes to your environment that will ignite creativity and hope. Clear out any clutter and/or unused gear, and make space for new promises and connections. 

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

12 pisces

You may not have always participated in opportunities to connect with others, and it’s been painful to realize just how far they’ve dwindled in the past year. You will have opportunities to see your friends and loved ones soon, but in this moment, as the dredges of 2020 begin to fall, it’s time to reignite the passion you once had for your creative practice. Because it’s this passion that you want to share with those you love when you are able to see them again; it’s this passion that will reinscribe sorrow with light. With the last Full Moon of 2020 on December 29th, take pride in the beauty you’re able to create when you invest your energy in hope that shines a light through the darkness. Center that vision in the year to come, and meet it with the drive that is offered by Mars entering your house of communication on January 6th. It’s time to record the small blooms of beauty you see and share it with those you love. By the Full Moon in Capricorn on January 12th you’ll have the strength and support to initiate a new practice with those you trust. By holding a light through the night, you illuminate a path that others can follow. 

Audio Challenge: What are you trying to communicate through your music? And who are you trying to communicate it to? Create a clear creative vision for 2021 and a roster of loved ones to share that vision with. 

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