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Audioscopes for Gemini Season: We Are Witnessing Collective Disruption

Ever wonder how the zodiac relates to your sound? Read our Audioscopes for Gemini Season 2020 to find out what the universe has to say about you this month.

May 25, 2020
Written by
Celia Sagastume
Illustrations by
Paterson Hodgson
Music by
Bean Tupou

We are witnessing collective disruption. It’s no longer viable to depend on the institutional structures of governance to give us what we need—the dissonance between collective needs and those who have assumed charge over distribution has been shown, and things need to shift in response. You have to take care of your own needs and those of others now. How will you respond? How will you stand up and use your agency to protect yourself and those you love? Read through your Audioscopes for Gemini Season and take on an extra challenge with the free, downloadable audio bytes created by Bean Tupou.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

gemini season aries web

The horror of the storm raging outside doesn’t change the fact that you still don’t know which way your allegiance lies. Values rise and fall as true north has been lost in this chaotic time. There’s only one compass you can fall back on, one sword to pick up in this fight: the one that rises from the pit of your belly, fired in the caverns of your deepest heart. When there’s no one to follow, no speeches to give rise to your light, it’s time to discern your own beacon through the fog. Take this time to listen. Take this time to wrap up all that misfortune in the emblems of family kinship as it is buried deep into the Earth.

Audio Challenge: Take a few minutes to listen and meditate on the storm. What is the wind, the thunder, the darkening sky saying? Download the audio byte below and write a response through lyrics, a riff, or both.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

gemini season taurus web

How do you protect the small mound of Earth and Blood that you call home? Do you draw boundaries, arm up with swords, defend with powerful words backed up by that burning fire behind your eyes? Is every perceived threat worth fighting for, or are you whispering swan songs to old demons, ghosts inhabiting your line of sight? A knock at your door that sounds like the one that came before when you were small, when you were weak, when you didn’t know how to answer without losing what you love? Be careful. Make sure you know who it is that you’re fighting for.

Audio Challenge: Listen to the layers and singing chorus in the Taurus audio byte. Think about your own community, the people who deserve your love and fight, and write a song for them using a chorus pedal or other audio layering.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

gemini season gemini web

There is a siren song piercing loud and clear and true. Everything on the table pales into the background, lost in the shadow of what’s being asked of you. Why does everyone trouble you so? Why is it that every connection burns bright red with need exactly when the world opens up and offers you a hand out of the mess that has become your bedroom floor? It seems like there’s a choice to be made between your own bright light of possibility and the endless service to kinship that leads to years of obscurity and communal plight. But oppositions are never as sharply focused as they seem. What looks like a familiar path may lead you down a new road through the tall fields of wheatgrass—but you must learn how to listen.

Audio Challenge: What is the siren asking of you? Listen closely, and write a song in response to the audio byte below in a genre that you’ve never created within before.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

gemini season cancer web

Tabula Rasa: the table is cleared. You’re going to be staring down at an empty plate and an altar full of random knick knacks and brimstone that mean nothing unless you know what to dedicate your energy to. There’s no point in chanting to the light of the Full Moon, setting down the stones that guard your energy, and reconnecting each tendril of your energetic body back to the Earth until you can answer, Why? What energetic principle do you serve? And what kind of person does this service make of you? Find out. You’ve been freed from having to go through the motions, the actions, the patterns well grooved into your joints that automatically move at the call. Do you take up the same service, or do you name a new principle and start anew?

Audio Challenge: Take a look around at what gear you currently have at your disposal. What have you neglected to spend time with? Where would you like to dedicate more energy? Find your answers, and incorporate them into the Cancer audio byte.

 LEO (July 23 – August 22)

gemini season leo web

This is the time of retracing paths that have already been taken—every step that’s been won, every word that’s been said, and every action that’s been taken in the name of your own truth, your own energy, your own single source of vitality on this Earth. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend this time plucking out each feather at the stem, leaving your naked body out in the cold to pay for your sins. There are other ways to reconcile loss and regret. There are other dances to step in time with in order to pay your dues and reconcile past with present, privilege with payment, anxiety with experience. Take that light seed of truth and bury it deep into the Earth. Water it. Pray over it in the moonlight and feed it the blood of your recovery. Let it grow once again.

Audio Challenge: Reflect on your musical journey thus far. What would you like to keep with you? What would you like to leave behind? Use what you come up with to write a song that reflects that vision, and perhaps incorporate a sample of another musician’s work as a spirited guide.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

gemini season virgo web

You can’t get it out until you can trust the soil it’s been planted in. You can run your tests, consult the experts, check every box, voice every concern, but at the end of the line there’s just you and this box of dirt, dirty or not, clear or not, trusted or not. When will it be enough? When will you know if you can put the seed in the ground and trust the fruit it bears? Perhaps you’ve gotten used to the waiting: the worms squirming in the pit of your belly, the blistering heat on your back as you run just one more test on the ground. There will be no one who can decide this for you. At some point you’ve got to learn how to run.

Audio Challenge: Consider the foundation you’ve laid for yourself and your music. What does it sound like? Perhaps it resembles the bird song, or the soft growling as heard in the Virgo Audio byte. Whatever it may be for you, use it as a pad, a foundation, for a new song.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

gemini season libra web

Perhaps the only trip that is possible right now is the change in scenery that comes when you adjust the angle through which you look at things. Pull down the mirrors strapped to your bedroom walls. Turn off the notifications from devices that are divorced from any person bearing meaning in the small confines of the space you have relegated your energy to in recent months. You don’t know anyone, and they don’t know you. Each has grown, changed, and metamorphosed inside a cocoon of their own making, called to spring wings, grow antennae, and learn to take flight during the quiet hours before dawn. Approach with caution, and with care. There are new beings out there, and it’s up to you to learn their call.

Audio Challenge: Consider how you’ve changed during this time, and what changes in your musical environment and process might be needed to accommodate the new you. Listen to the sounds of the sea as a baptism in moving forward; use what you come up with to redesign your practice space or music corner to best suit your current needs.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

gemini season scrop web

Nothing will ever be as it was before—but then again, nothing really ever stays the same, does it? Swallowing this most recent truth, that has been uncovered by the colic sun, may seem more difficult a task than simply ignoring what the meal would be. But plates served during troubling times are best devoured warm, when the food is still hot and there are others to share the meal with. Let this plate sit out and you will return to it covered in mice and maggots, spoiled and rotted over, yet still demanding to be consumed. Do yourself a favor, and look right at the blinding split screen ray of sun directed at you now. The pinprick is sudden and quick, and you can look on to what comes next after it’s done. 

Audio Challenge: What is it that you’ve been putting off, musically, during this time? Is it finally finding the right tone on a pedal, or finishing the final verse of a new song? Let the Scorpio audio byte remind you of what happens when you sit on something for too long.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

gemini season sag web

It seems like an old flame is still lit in that dusty room at the back of the house, the one that you convinced others wasn’t there. Only in the slow hours of midnight, when no one else is awake and the stars are formed in exactly the right way, do you turn around and look, checking to see whether it’s still there. You can always find comfort knowing that the soft glow will take you through the darkest night into morning, when you won’t need to look back again. But every time you fall back on that old sweet song, you grow just a little more dependent on that glow in the window, letting you know everything will be alright in the end. Is it because of that old candle in the room, or because you know how to hold on until first light? Only you know.

Audio Challenge: Light a candle (or few), put on your favorite comfort song, and use elements from both that song and the Sagittarius audio byte to create a soothing hymn written by you, for you. 

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

gemini season cap web

When there is a powerful step to be made there must also be powerful thought behind it. There’s an overture in the distance, an orchestra rising in tempo and beat to meet the rays of the sun in the glory of the day that is just beginning. All the work you have put into your garden is now ripe for the reaping—but there are still obstacles in your way. You need help finding the right tools for the harvest, and trusted hands to see your crop through. Gather your riches within reason, and share your bounty with those who have helped you along the way. Otherwise, there may be a shadow of reckoning cast over what was once a time of recompense. Go slowly. Take your time. Each root recovered is a blessing.

Audio Challenge: Listen and reflect on what tools and trusted companions you’d like to include in your music. What and who do you need to truly flourish? Write a song inspired by this audio byte, and collaborate on it—distantly, of course—with someone you trust.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

gemini season aqua web

When is enough enough? You’ve been pulling the shards of broken glass out of others’ backs for so long that your bloodied hands sting when you try to move them through air. The particles in space are eating at the tender tissues of your fingers, aching at your palms, trying to penetrate through what’s left of your drive to go on. Are you satisfied? Have you given enough? Or must you go on until every back is free from trouble as you, like Apollo, hold the world on your back, balanced perfectly on your own sense of responsibility for their plight? Someday you’ll have to look down at your own two feet and see the quicksand you’re standing on has already taken over your thighs, threatening to climb up your insides. Step up.

Audio Challenge: Listen to the repetition and buildup in the Aquarius audio byte. Does it sound like falling rain? What is it saying? Write a lead melody that describes your struggle and yours alone.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

gemini season picses web

You’re right. Things don’t change. Not overnight, and not when you expect all the bottles to line up in a certain way and then they don’t. But over time, as you look back at where you’ve come from and into the abyss of the unknown that has yet to be uncovered, you must notice that you’re on a different path than you were before. While it may happen by chance and circumstance, transformation also requires your energy, intention, and spirit caught in a glass. Breathe into the crystal pane and trace out the dream you dare not give voice to but hold in the dreamtime starlight of your mind. Ask the universe for help in the manifestation, listen for the dewdrops of opportunity as they manifest in the air around your head. It’s already happening.

Audio Challenge: Listen to the Pisces audio byte and reflect on where you’d like to be heading during this time of unknown. What is needed of you during this transformation? Make a list of what you would like to manifest in your music, and consider writing a manifesto that you can look to for everyday guidance. 

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