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She Shreds Issue #19: Charo, Tegan & Sara, Dueto Dos Rosas, and More!

November 25, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #19 issue, featuring two exclusive cover artists Charo and Tegan & Sara.

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She Shreds Issue #19

Cover Story: Charo

The award-winning flamenco guitarist, who made a name for herself as a television personality and La Cuchi Cuchi, contains multitudes. Charo opens up to She Shreds about her journey from Spain to the United States, the ups and downs of her career, losing her husband, and how music has saved her through it all.

Cover Story: Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin are visionaries. The twins have been releasing confessional pop music since 1998, and most recently released an album of re-recorded demos from their youth, as well as the memoir, High School. Tegan and Sara spoke with twins Katie (Waxahatchee) and Allison Cruthfield (Swearin’) about working together as sisters and band mates, not pandering to the moment, and going back to their roots.

Dueto Dos Rosas

Emily and Sheyla Rosas were born in the United States, but are passionate about keeping Mexican traditions alive in their musical project, Dueto Dos Rosas. From San Marcos, CA, the sisters are proud of their indigenous Oaxacan roots and Mexican-American identity, and speak to paying tribute to their heritage by performing campirana and old Mexican folk songs on the requinto guitar, how they got their start on YouTube, and the feedback from family and fans.


Tierra Wilson, aka UMI, recently dropped out of high school to to fully commit to music. The Seattle-born musician expresses her purpose as an artist to heal people through relatability, how she protects her energy in the music industry, and the value of sisterhood.


Blending folk with hip hop and R&B, Mereba’s lastest release, The Jungle is the Only Way Out, joins expressive vocals with impressive rap skills, guitar work in beautiful love songs, and tracks about police brutality and the legacy of blackness in America. In her interview, Mereba opens up the creation of the album, her approach to instrumentation, and her definition of “the jungle.”

Joan Armatrading

The legendary British singer-songwriter has been releasing music under multiple genres since the 1970s, with an attitude that is anything but compromising. In this feature, Armatrading shares her early experiences in the music industry, her influence on a younger generation of songwriters, and her unwavering righteousness.

Scene Report: 50 Women Builders and Repairers in the Guitar Industry

In our Scene Report, we profile 50 innovative women luthiers, gear builders, and repairers across the world who are doing incredible work with their businesses.

Guest Editor: Adrienne Hailey

Adrienne Hailey, bassist in Sammus and 79.5, joins issue #19 as guest editor, offering up her pre-show rituals, a lesson on rhythmn, and “the feel” of playing music.

17 Scene Report: 50 Builders and Repairers in the Guitar Industry

27 The Righteousness of Joan Armatrading

33 How to Turn a Radio into an Amp

37 Cover Story: Tegan and Sara

45 Cover Story: Charo

53 Dueto Dos Rosas

61 UMI

69 Mereba

77 Tabs: “I’ll Be Back Someday” by Tegan and Sara

79 Guest Editor: Adrienne Hailey

80 Adrienne Hailey’s Essential Tour Rituals

83 Lesson: Adrienne Hailey’s Lesson on Rhythm

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