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She Shreds Staff Favorites

July 26, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer
Written by
She Shreds Staff

Some of our staff favorites that we’re loving this month.

On the last Friday of every month, She Shreds will share our staff favorites of what we’ve each been grooving on lately. From new bands and new records by old favorites, to dance parties and an Instagram teenage shredder; we’ve got you covered.

Fabi Reyna | Founder, Editor in Chief

Kali Flanagan

Few times in our lives will we get a feeling about a musician that says, “There’s something extraordinary about this.” I imagine it’s the feeling that, back in the day, a record executive felt when they discovered “the next” Billie Holiday or Elvis Presley performing at a small club or even on the street. It makes you think, “Wow, I’m listening to someone who has the potential to make history.”

As saturated as the internet might be, I’ve been following the path of Kali Flanagan for the last year or so, who fully encompasses that feeling. She’s how I want to imagine what I was like as a teenager, only she’s fully aware of her powers as a guitarist, composer, producer, and possibly even an engineer. Her music will seep into your dreams and you’ll find yourself humming it all day, eventually needing more. I’ve met Kali a few times, and she doesn’t know that I think she’s a literal hero, but hopefully this message will encourage y’all to join the Kali fan club, too.

Check out Kali Flanagan’s latest releases on her Instagram and more videos on her YouTube!

Cynthia Schemmer | Managing Editor

Pinocchio, Self-Titled EP

Aimlessly scrolling while waiting for the train, I came across Pinocchio on an Instagram story. They were playing a raucous jam with front person Mary Jane Dunphe  (VEXX, CC DUST, The County Liners) powerfully singing while improv dancing in mime-esqe makeup. And I’ve been listening to them ever since (like, actually, because I literally learned about them today).

The four-piece is based in New York and released their self-titled EP on Toxic State Records in April, followed by opening for Bikini Kill at Kings Theatre in June. The eight-songs are unintuitive in their composition, both over the top and minimal, and the EP opens with an arena-like crowdpleaser drum beat, accompanied by a pop riff, and the closest I’ve heard to a voice legitimately being compared to Kate Bush’s. Dunphe’s vocals match the unexpectedness of the songs, traveling throughout the EP like a runaway train, ranging from theatrical to maniacal to sweet—and always on a mission to breathe more life into punk. 

Pinocchio doesn’t seem to have anything coming up (and with little information on the internet), but I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Hannah Soffa | Creative Director

King Princess “Prophet”

Last Friday, King Princess announced the arrival of her much anticipated debut album, Cheap Queen, to be released on Zelig/Columbia Records, along with a full U.S. tour that kicks off this September. If that wasn’t enough, she teased out yet another single, “Prophet,” and it does not disappoint. Unlike the summery synth pop feel of the title track “Cheap Queen,” released earlier this year, “Prophet” has a dark, soulful vibe and we’re here for it. While no official date has been announced quite yet, the anticipation is just getting started.

For more information on King Princess’s tour dates, check out her website and Instagram.

Peter Condra | Operations Manager

Flier by Zena Blackwell

Club Fomo Presents: Light Asylum and Sink Ya Teeth

Nothing is better than a perfect meeting of worlds, and we are having major fomo for this DIY dance party at Club Mofo in London on August 22!  Industrial goth legend (and fellow Portland-based homie) Light Asylum is headlining with post-punk duo Sink Ya Teeth, who was just featured in our event at The Great Escape.  Thanks to this event we’ve also stumbled upon dreamy R&B punks Secret Power, who we’ll be keeping an eye on too!

A few lucky cities can catch the last dates of Light Asylum’s 2019 summer tour:






Ashley Vaughn | Social Media Director, Junior Designer

Photo by Charlie Gates

Little Simz Grey Area

Grey Area is the third studio album by Little Simz, released March 1, 2019 via her own label, Age: 101 Music. It’s real good, but you’ll just have to hear it for yourself. Read our 2017 interview with Little Simz from She Shreds print issue #12 where she shares why she picked up the guitar, how the guitar influences her writing process, and being independent by starting her own label. 

Be sure to catch Little Simz on tour in the upcoming months.

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