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Mermaidens Release Exclusive Moon Cycle Chorus Pedal with Album Preorder

From writing psyche-soaked pop songs to designing a chorus pedal to elevate their sound and promote collaboration, Mermaidens are on the move.

August 20, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer
Photos Courtesy of
Mermaidens and Lewis Ferris

On September 6, New Zealand’s Mermaidens will releases their third full-length album, Look Me in the Eye, on Flying Nun Records—but we highly suggest you pre-order the limited edition press of the album now for a chance to win their exclusive guitar pedal!

Along with the gatefold pressing with blue vinyl comes an entry to win the one-off chorus pedal, Moon Cycle. The pedal generates soothing sea lulls to chaotic vibrating flange, and Look Me in the Eye is stacked with the effects. “[Moon Cycle] helps to generate a feeling of unease/strangeness that we were striving for in production,” states the band in a recent press release. The pedal will come with an instruction manual and preset suggestions. 

Moon Cycle was designed by the band with the help of Emerald Rose, a New Zealand musician (Linen) and aspiring builder of amps and effects pedals who has toured with Mermaidens in the past, and Peter Rutter of VFE Pedals, who helped with the pedal’s open source designs. The band states that Rose’s inclusion will “give exposure to Emerald’s talents, which links back to our kaupapa for the album—to lift up and support other women.” The pedal face was designed by Mermaiden’s bassist, Lily West, who also created the album artwork for Look Me in the Eye.

Mermaidens is made up of Gussie Larkin (co-lead vocals/guitar), West (co-lead vocals/bass), and Abe Hollingsworth (drums). Look Me in the Eye is a sonically progressive move for the band, incorporating the Moon Cycle to further achieve their intricate psyche-rock sound and promoting woman-to-woman support in the music industry: 

The title of the new album is intentional in its double-meaning, as notions of confrontation and intimacy collide to unearth the tangled paradoxes of human connection. The voices and perspectives of both front-women shape the record with equal footing, creating a dialogue around female collaboration and friendship.

For a chance to win, preorder Look Me in the Eye here, and be sure to check out the first single and video, “I Might Disappear,” filmed at Rose’s home and studio.

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