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Mitski: Stumble On Tapes X She Shreds #5

November 10, 2015
Written by
Fabi Reyna
Tex, Photos and Video by
Stumble On Tapes

Spending the afternoon filming Mitski on a small row boat on the lake, listening to her songs felt melancholy and peaceful. At first, she had us fooled with her quiet sensibilities but it wasn’t until we saw her perform with a full band in a packed house that we realized we had been misled. Fully plugged in, she slays on bass and sings with the precision of an accurate sniper. Her vocals and thoughts so focused they run chills down your spine. Watch and listen to a stripped down version of Mitski performing “Last Words of a Shooting Star” and “Francis Forever” from her latest album, Bury Me at Makeout Creekthen catch her in a city near you:


11/10 PhilaMoca
11/11 DC9 Nightclub
11/12 Charlottesville
11/13 The Pinhook
11/14 Caledonia Lounge
11/16 The High Watt
11/17 The Bishop
11/18 The Frequency
11/19 7th Street Entry
11/20 Beat Kitchen
11/21 Rumba Cafe
11/23 Smiling Buddha
11/24 Montreal
11/26 Kingston

Read an interview between Mitski and She Shreds in issue 7.

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