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Five Music Magazines By and For Women and Nonbinary Folks to Support

She Shreds Magazine might be ending, but there’s plenty more music magazines by and for women and nonbinary folks that are doing amazing things.

March 13, 2020
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer
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She Shreds Magazine

She Shreds Magazine might be ending, but there’s plenty more music magazines by and for women and nonbinary folks that are doing amazing things.

While She Shreds print magazine is coming to an end, there are plenty of more print publications ran by and for women and nonbinary folks. We’ve included our top five picks—tell us your favorites in the comments!

Tom Tom Magazine 
“…the only media company in the world dedicated to female and gnc drummers”

Founded by our fairy god-drummer, Mindy Abovitz, Tom Tom Magazine was a huge inspiration for creating She Shreds Magazine. Tom Tom is a full-color, quarterly print magazine that has created an entire movement behind women and nonbinary drummers. In their latest issue, which centers around politics, they “showcase musicians who are doing something to create a better, more inclusive world.”

Gusher Magazine
“Rock and roll as told by women”

This annual magazine by and for non-male writers and readers focuses on rock ‘n’ roll. Their latest issue (which is currently sold out, but their previous issue is still available) features an incredible roster of musicians, including Kathleen Hannah, Vagabon, Courtney Barnett, CHAI, Cat Power, Divide and Dissolve, and many more. With long-form storytelling, artist profiles, thoughtful cultural criticism, a swoon-worthy aesthetic, and so much more, Gusher Magazine will have you absolutely gushing.

Women in Sound
“A print zine dedicated to women, queer and trans* people in live and recorded sound”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, people: Women in Sound is one of our favorite publications out there. Edited by engineer Madeleine Campbell, this zine features a variety of women in live and recorded sound, and the most recent issue features Marta Salogni (recording and mixing engineer – Bjork, Frank Ocean), Natalie Hernandez (Death By Audio Effects Pedals), Amanda Davis (FOH – Janelle Monae, Tegan and Sara), and so much more audio goodness.

Love Letters Zine
“Dedicated to women & nonbinary people in music”

Love Letters Zine is an independent print publication that was launched in 2018 and aims to “create a space for important conversations in music, covering topics such as representation, diversity, and working within the industry.” They feature interviews, playlists, and, of course, love letters written by writers to their favorite musicians. While their first issue seems to be unavailable, we are so ready for what they have in store this year. 

Lady Fuzz Zine
“art, lifestyle, noise, fuzz”

We couldn’t have existed for 20 issues without the support of other writers and creatives in the industry, and Lady Fuzz has been there for us by distributing issues of She Shreds on their webstore. But aside from that, they publish super rad magazines that feature an incredible mix of interviews, lessons, and gear. Their latest issue features Shawna Potter (War on Women), Lauren Mayberry (Chvrches), Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Phase Repeater, and more. (Hot tip: be sure to check out their other merch because it’s fire.)

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