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The Guide: A She Shreds Roundup of Gear Favorites

December 12, 2016
Written by
Ashley Vaughn
Text by
She Shreds Staff
Photo by
Myles Katherine

People of the Shred life, we are stoked to introduce the first annual She Shreds roundup of gear we use, love, and recommend: The Guide. 

Throughout the years you all have been asking us to suggest gear that we can’t live without. That, paired with so many new and improved tools that came out in 2016, made us realize that we needed to add a fourth release to our year. Unlike the rest of our print publications, The Guide will be a 100% free of charge bonus issue sent to She Shreds subscribers and available digitally to all. Written by locally respected and loved guitarists (full list below), the Guide includes artists from past issues and their gear as well as picks for the categories of Guitars (electric, acoustic and bass), Amps, Pedals, Accessories and Vintage; all of which are directed to pages that will provide more information on the product and purchasing options. Check it out below and happy shredding to all y’all shredders out there!

Designed by Eileen Tjan of Other Studio, The Guide features reviews by:

Miss Alex White (White Mystery)

Amanda Glasser (Purrer)

Claudia Meza (Explode Into Colors)

Devin Trainer (Club Night)

Glenn Van Dyke (BOYTOY)

Lance Seymour (Gear Talk)

Laurence Vidal (Tiburones)

Lena Simon (La Luz)

Randy Randal (No Age)

And She Shreds Founder and Editor-in-Chief Fabi Reyna

Thanks so much to Guitar Center, PRS Guitars and Ear Trumpet Lab for the

If you’d like to receieve a physical copy of The Guide, free or charge, please fill out the submission form below!

*USA only

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