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Winter: Stumble On Tapes X She Shreds #3

October 13, 2015
Written by
Fabi Reyna
Text and Video by
Stumble On Tapes

The bleached white landscape of The Bates Motel gave us the perfect contrast to the spirited creatures of Winter. When you see Winter play live you just get hooked. They evoke such massive feelings of joy that it affects everyone in the room. Their chemistry together is quirky and beautiful, it almost makes you wish you were stuck on a road trip with them.

Winter’s new record, Supreme Blue Dream (Lolipop Records) is the perfect soundtrack for spontaneous adventures. The music is light and ethereal, and Samira’s melodies keep you in check. The band played stripped down versions of “Someone Like You” and “Waiting for the Summer” for this video that are wildly different than the plugged-in pop jams on the record.

Winter; Stumble on Tapes session

Winter; Stumble on Tapes session

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