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Bursts and Natural Wood Reign in Ernie Ball Music Man’s Latest Ball Family Reserve Guitars

April 10, 2018
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She Shreds staff
Images courtesy of the company

You’ve always been a Very Important Player to us, but thanks to Ernie Ball Music Man’s Ball Family Reserve Guitars, you can purchase a VIP-style instrument, too. Each month the company releases three models of high-end guitars that were previously only available to friends and artists within their network.

BFR guitars are produced in super-small quantities (think dozens, not hundreds or thousands) using carefully selected tone woods and finishes that add to their sound and overall appeal. The models and looks change each month to fit a variety of personalities and playing styles (last fall they even produced two limited-run St. Vincent guitars).

All three of April’s instruments—the Axis Super Sport in Buckeye Burl, the Majesty in Sahara Burst, and the Valentine in 3-tone Sunburst—embrace the eye-catching qualities of natural woods and vintage-style finishes, and come with a number of unique features: 

Axis Super Sport Buckeye Burl Top
Buckeye burl is native to Ernie Ball’s home state of California, where its wood is known for its swirling patterns, eyes, and naturally varied coloring—so you know that each of  the 85 guitars in the BFR collection will have a one-of-a-kind look. This Axis Super Sport features a buckeye burl top over an African mahogany body, a roasted maple neck and the roasted maple fretboard, hand fitted with black binding, black hardware, and dual humbucking pickups.

Majesty – Sahara Burst
This BFR John Petrucci Majesty has a translucent burst finish that sets off the look of its roasted top and roasted flame maple shield. The 41 guitars in this style are made from deep-hued African mahogany and feature ebony fingerboards with Majesty inlays and stainless steel frets, as well as all-chrome hardware.

Valentine in 3-tone Sunburst
Only 46 Valentines are being produced for the BFR series, and it’s kinda hard to not be smitten by them. The guitar features a slab ash body with a 3-tone vintage sunburst finish, a satin-finished roasted maple neck, and hand-fitted white binding and matching white dot fret markers. 
More about all of the Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve guitars, including the latest models, can be found here.

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