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Ernie Ball Announces 2017 St. Vincent Signature Collection

January 13, 2017
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She Shreds Staff

After making waves last year with the introduction of the Music Man St. Vincent Signature Guitar, Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent and Ernie Ball Music Man are teaming up again for the 2017 St. Vincent Signature Collection, with pre-orders for the new models starting on March 3.

Conceptualized by Clark and created with Ernie Ball Music Man’s engineering crew, the St. Vincent Signature Guitar is a lightweight instrument designed to with the contours of women’s bodies (ex: room for boobs). Each model has signature St. Vincent inlays, Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo, 5-way pick-up selector with custom configuration and 3-mini humbuckers, and Ernie Ball Regular Slinky guitar strings. It comes in four new gorgeous shades including Stealth Black with black hardware, Polaris White, Tobacco Bust, and Heritage Red with gold hardware. We highly recommend checking it out!

The announcement comes a month after Clark was featured in the cover story for Guitar World in which she discussed the new guitar line and announced a new album to be released by the end of the year and, in true form for the brilliant and straight-shooting musician, wore an oversized t-shirt depicting a bikini-clad cartoon body in her cover photo, poking fun at the publication’s long history of publishing bikini models rather than musicians in their buyer’s guide (a tradition they finally renounced in 2016 but have yet to address in an official statement).

It was a hilarious and pointed move (in line with Nirvana’s 1992 iconic cover shoot for Rolling Stone, where Kurt Cobain wore a t-shirt adorned with the hand-scrawled proclamation, “Corporate Magazines Still Suck”), and even Guitar World showed a good attitude about her joke that was obviously at their expense, not only publishing the photos, but giving the cover image the subhead, “Guitar Hero Annie Clark Leads Us into the New Year in Bold Fashion.”

Huge props to Ernie Ball Music Man for consistently delivering innovative products that support a message that seems obvious and reiterated by Clark, “sex doesn’t sell guitars, music does.” To find out more on Ernie Ball Music Man’s 2017 line of guitars visit their blog.

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