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In Session: A Space for Women and Nonbinary POC Producers

In Session: A free six-day digital camp for women and nonbinary music producers of color from all levels and backgrounds.

September 13, 2020
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

As Jada Lorraine, organizer of In Session, recently wrote on her Instagram, “Summer is almost over, but camp is still IN SESSION.” 

A free six-day digital camp for women and nonbinary music producers of color from all levels and backgrounds, In Session offers a space to explore production techniques, music history, industry education, and to foster a supportive community.

Cost: Free!

Dates: September 1319, 2020, 10am5pm ET 

Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 12th at 12pm ET – REGISTER HERE

In Session kicks off this Sunday, September 13 with a orientation/mixer, followed by six days of workshops taught primarily by women and nonbinary producers of color. Each day will feature two sessions (morning and afternoon) taught by experienced producers, such as Black Music History & Tools for Freedom with ‍Suzi Analog, Stepping Your Sample Game Up with Boston Chery, and Intro to Mixing and Mastering with PlayPlay. Also included are daily practice times and group feedback sessions, and participants will finish the program with at least one completed track.

Organized by Van Newman (Fiveboi), Sam Law, Jada Lorraine, Ariana Garland, Bailey Lawson, and Muñeca Diaz, In Session is offered to women and nonbinary music producers, and their mission states, “We don’t believe the problem is how to teach women and nonbinary people how to become producers. We are producers. We are already here. Our mission is to create powerful communities of women and nonbinary music producers, on a local and 
global scale.” 

So if you’ve been looking for a group of other BIPOC producers to connect with, we highly suggest checking out In Session and getting the last licks of summer in through a fun, supportive, and enriching environment!

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