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The She Shreds Gear Redistribution Project & Fund

Through community action the GRP seeks to promote a national system that empowers creative expression and potential for all. Here’s how you can help.

December 3, 2020
Written by
She Shreds
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Taylor Mulitz

Let’s face it: many of us have music gear lying around that we haven’t touched in months or, dare we say, years. And for some of us, this abundance and neglect is a privilege. Maybe we’ve held on to that dusty acoustic guitar because of sentimentality, that wah pedal because perhaps we’ll use it again (lol we won’t), or that microphone because we’re too lazy to list it on Reverb. Our unused gear deserves to thrive, and so do overlooked communities such as women, nonbinary, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA2S+ musicians, which is why this holiday season we’re launching the Gear Redistribution Project (GRP).

In an effort to support underrepresented individuals, communities, and organizations in reaching their highest creative potential, we’ll be collecting donations to be redistributed to those who will breathe new creative life into unused gear. Access to these tools is crucial to dreaming our potentials into existence, and we don’t need to wait for systems to change—we, as a community, have the power to change it right now.

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How It Works

1. Donations—Submit your instrument: If you have gear you no longer use or need and are willing to donate, please fill out the form here. Together we can get these resources into the hands of those who need them; you provide the gear and trip to the post office, we’ll cover the recipient and shipping costs.

2. Requests—Submit your needs: If you are a BIPOC or LGBTQIA2S+ musician or organization in need of gear,  please fill out the form here. When we receive a gear donation that matches your request, we will contact you and ship it out.

3. Help cover the costs of shipping and handling: Buy a capo digital magazine, or make a one time donation and 100% of proceeds will go to the She Shreds Gear Redistribution Fund.

4. Spread The Word: If you fall into none of the above categories, consider sharing this resource with your own communities via email or social media using the flier below:

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Shipping and Handling

To make something like a national gear redistribution work, we need community effort, and that means each of us has the ability to play a part in this.

To cover shipping and handling, we’re offering: 

All 20 issues (some still being uploaded <3) of She Shreds Magazine will be available for purchase as a digital download at $10 each, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the She Shreds Gear Redistribution. So if you want to contribute, consider giving the gift of shredding to yourself and our community around the country.


Since our original post last weekend asking folks to consider donating gear for redistribution, we’ve already been offered 15 items from people all over the country, from guitars and basses to microphones and interfaces. For the month of December we’re partnering with P0STB1NARY to distribute 50% of the gear to Black trans musicians and producers in the DC area. The other 50% of donations will go to BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ musicians from the submission forms above.



Founded by NABURU EXE in 2019, P0STB1NARY is a DC-based counter-cultural ecosystem and music platform uplifting the autonomy, safety, wellness, and creative development of Black trans and gender expansive cultural workers.

As the first of its kind, P0STB1NARY operates from a lens rooted in the unique lived experiences of Black trans people and shifts power and resources towards their communities.  In response to COVID-19, P0STB1NARY has redistributed almost $20,000 directly to Black trans people. Recognizing the structural barriers to creative development for Black trans people, P0STB1NARY explores alternative models that divest from exploitative practices and celebrates the radical imaginative power of cultural production.

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