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She Shreds 1RiffADay (#1RAD) Challenge: January 2021

That’s right—we’re once again here to usher you into a new year with our 31-day 1RiffADay (#1RAD) challenge!

December 23, 2020
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Update: Congratulations to Savannah Clarke for winning the Fender X H.E.R Signature guitar! 

In 2017, She Shreds organized the first 1RiffADay, a month-long daily challenge in which we invite readers to participate by playing their instrument for 31 days in a row. Last year we had such an amazing turnout, and it warmed our hearts to see you all come together to form a supportive creative community through this challenge. With #1RAD, we hope to inspire creativity, build community, eliminate self doubt, and, of course, get you shredding!

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Literally everyone and anyone! But here are a few objectives:

  • You’ve always wanted to play the guitar or bass, but have yet to give it a shot. 
  • You’re planning on writing an album in 2020 and need to kickstart some ideas.
  • You’re comfortable with your playing but you’ve been stuck forever, and maybe it’s time to get out of that rut and challenge yourself to new things.
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This year we’re doing things a little differently, and asking those who really want to see and feel a difference in their playing to commit to themselves, and invest in the community. 

  1. Whether or not your goal is to complete all 31 days, we will be organizing various events, challenges, and giveaways throughout the month to keep you inspired, connected to one another, and motivated. Submit your participation here and get clear on your goals and intentions. What do you wish to accomplish in this challenge? Also, anyone who submits their participation will be eligible to win the Fender x H.E.R signature guitar (winner announced 2/1/2020).
  2. 1RiffADay will always be free and accessible to anyone who wishes to participate. But for those who want to further commit we’re offering a 1RiffADay starter pack that includes an assortment of essentials, like our notebook and pencil pack, and a limited edition #1RAD sticker only available for those committing at this level (starter packs will be sent on January 1st).

50% of the money from started packs will fund our Gear Redistribution Project, and the other 50% will go to continuing to hire women and non binary curriculum instructors.

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For 31 days, we encourage our readers to commit to playing their instrument for at least five minutes every day, sharing their process by posting a video on Instagram, and tagging @sheshreds_media and #1RAD. Throughout the month, She Shreds provides direct support through challenges, riffs from our HQ, video submissions, lessons, open mics and more to keep you inspired. Check out our winner and finalists from last year, and a couple of our favorite posts below:

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For the month of January, we challenge you to spend at least five minutes with your guitar, bass, or any other instrument of choice every single day for 31 days, from January 1st to February 1st. Post the video to your IG grid or story and hashtag #1RAD.

Enter to participate here.

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  •  The 31-day #1RAD challenge takes place from January 1st – February 1st
  •  Anyone can enter at any time and participate for as long as they want but only those that complete all 31 days will be eligible to be a finalist and win the your choice of a Sterling by Music Man instrument.
  • IG feed posts must tag @sheshreds_media and #1RAD 
  • IG stories must be saved as a highlight on your page and feature @sheshreds_media and #1RAD tags.
  • We will choose ten of our favorite players who have submitted their participation, and completed the full 31-day #1RAD to be featured on She Shreds and voted on by our audience.
  • On February 3rd, our readers will vote for the #1RiffADay winner from the ten featured participants.
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Winning Prize

Simply participating in any way (even if just cheering people on) means that you’ve already won. But for those of us that need an extra incentive, we have you covered:
Fender x H.E.R. Signature guitar
For anyone who submits their participation, you have immediately entered to win the Fender x H.E.R guitar.
Historical value: Priceless
Retail value: $1,099.99

Ernie Ball Accessory Pack

Each of the 10 finalists completing the 31 day challenge will receive an Ernie Ball accessory pack including:

  • 1 Box (12 sets) Ernie Ball Strings – $65.88
  • 1 – Ernie Ball Strap – $8.99
  • 1 Pack Prodigy Picks – $11.99
  • 1 – Ernie Ball 10′ Cable – $21.99
    Total est. Value: $108.85
Your Choice of Any Sterling by Music Man Instrument
The winner of the 1RiffADay #1RAD challenge, voted by the She Shreds community, will take home a Sterling by Music Man instrument of their choice (yes that includes the St. Vincent guitar) as well as an Ernie Ball accessory pack. Includes:
  • 1 Sterling by Music Man instrument of winner’s choice (subject to availability) – Up to $1,000 Value
  • One year supply of Ernie Ball Strings (52 packs total) – $285.48
  • 1 – Ernie Ball Toolkit – $42.99
  • 1 – Ernie Ball Axis Capo – $14.99
  • 1 – Ernie Ball Strap – $8.99
  • 1 – Ernie Ball 18′ Braided Cable – $32.99
  • 1 Pack Prodigy Picks – $11.99
    Total est. Value: $1,397.43
Additionally, the winner will receive a feature in She Shreds and bundle from our merch store. Throughout the month we’ll be conducting giveaways specifically to our 1RiffADay community so make sure you sign up to participate in the challenge before January 1st! See you all soon!!

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