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A Look Inside the Making of St. Vincent’s Signature Guitar

January 20, 2016
Written by
Fabi Reyna
Text by
Fabi Reyna

The day that Ernie Ball Music Man announced that they would be releasing St.Vincent’s signature guitar model I knew that I had to do whatever I could to get my hands on one of these guitars.

Yes, in part because Annie Clark is a guitar icon for myself and many aspiring women (and men) guitarists—plus she herself mentioned that “there is room for breast(s)” which I have, so that’s perfect—but also because, based off of everything she’s created, Clark is only capable of creating masterpieces.

Since August we’ve been counting the weeks and months until the chance to get insight on the sound, weight, tone, and overall thought behind the creation of what, in our opinion, is one of the most likely signature guitars to bridge the gap between music lovers and gear heads—a guitar that might invite aspiring musicians to become well acquainted with the guitar world while experienced players will have something to look forward to as well.

In the video, Clark starts off paying tribute to the guitar and what it means to her saying, “The guitar can be so many things. For me, in my life, it’s been a shield, it’s been a weapon and the vehicle by which I’ve gotten to have an incredible artistic and emotional life.” Watch the rest below.

[youtube id=”5M5qpaQ1h9o”]

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