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Win ‘Em #1: Sneak Attack + Lil’ Buddy Pedals from Malekko

December 6, 2017
Written by
Ashley Vaughn
Text by
She Shreds staff

Tis the season to shred! In celebration of our amazing community and rad music everywhere, She Shreds is giving away new gear each week throughout the month of December.

Our first giveaway is a double feature: the Sneak Attack and Lil’ Buddy from Portland boutique effects company, Malekko Heavy Industry. The Sneak Attack is a digitally controlled analog VCA pedal, that features an attack/decay envelope generator with length and curve controls for each segment. In addition to digital control, the Sneak Attack can be manually triggered or used in tremolo mode. It can be used on its own, or with the the Lil’ Buddy foot switch, an expander that includes tap tempo and even more control over the attack and decay effects—which is pretty amazing!

Full info on both pedals is available here. Enter to win below, and make sure to check back each week this month for more killer gear giveaways.

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