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Win ‘Em #2: Space Spiral, Data Corrupter and Erupter from EarthQuaker Devices

December 13, 2017
Written by
Ashley Vaughn
Text by
She Shreds staff

If you thought our first gear giveaway this holiday season was double trouble, check out this triple threat, courtesy of EarthQuaker Devices.

Space Spiral: This modulated delay pedal is perfect for lovers of echo effects, and dreamy and dark sounds. It features six control knobs so you can blend, morph, and reshape sound waves at will, and also change up their speed and direction. The delay time ranges from 30ms to 600ms.

Data Corrupter: Like its name suggests, the Data Corrupter warps the hell out of any sound you input! This monophonic analog harmonizing PLL, the Data Corrupter amplifies your guitar tone, and after that, anything goes! Use it to multiply, divide, oscillate, modulate, and synthesize your sound, and then some.

Erupter: Two years in the making, The Erupter is rumored to give guitar players the “ultimate classic fuzz tone.” The pedal is focused around a single control knob which allows the player to change up their fuzz from a light buzz to a full-throttle explosion.

Enter to win this set of three pedals below, and check back here for more gear giveaways all month long! 

Note: Winner will be e-mailed on December 21st at noon. If you don’t live in the USA that’s ok! You can still enter to win these but you’ll have to pay shipping price (sorry!) so enter at your own risk!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Ryan Fisher, the winer of Win ‘Em #2. Hope you make some amazing sounds with your EarthQuaker pedal trio.

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