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Win ‘Em #3: Choose Your Own Fender Offset

December 21, 2017
Written by
She Shreds
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Lauren Baker

If you can’t tell by now, we’re a little hooked on Fender offset guitars and basses, so we are stoked to announce that for our third gear giveaway this month, one lucky reader will receive a brand new instrument from Fender’s Offset Series.

Developed in the late 50s and early 60s, Fender offsets were created for jazz guitarists and students; their offset waists were designed to be more comfortable to play while sitting than any other solid-body guitars on the market. Despite those rather conservative origins, offsets have since been adopted by generations of garage, surf, punk, indie musicians, and more—revolutionizing the culture and sound of modern music in the process. You can learn more about cultural impact of offsets here, and the evolution of the distinctively shaped instruments here.

The winner of our giveaway contest will have their choice of one of the following offsets, courtesy of Fender:

  • Shell Pink Mustang
  • Olympic White Mustang90
  • Yellow Duo Sonic HS
  • Capri Orange Mustang Bass PJ
Get the full specs on each of the instruments here. Enter to win below, and check back for more gear giveaways through the month of December.
Note: Winner will be e-mailed on December 29th at noon. If you don’t live in the USA that’s ok! You can still enter to win these but you’ll have to pay shipping price (sorry!) so enter at your own risk!

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Natalie Salem from San Bernadino, California. We hope you enjoy your new Capri Orange Mustang Bass PJ!

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