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#1RiffADay Week 3 Round Up

September 21, 2018
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She Shreds
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She Shreds Media

We challenge you to our #1RiffADay challenge for the month of September.

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Have you been wanting to learn how to play guitar/bass? Do you have one laying around? Then we challenge you to join us in our #1RiffADay challenge this month. We invite all you shredders out there to create 1 riff a day. It can be a finished riff or an unfinished one, we just want you to share your process with us. Last December‘s challenge was so rad that we just can’t wait to see more of your creativity!

We’re into our THIRD week and we chose a couple of standout riffs, here are our favorite:

1. @preets.mohan

2. @aleandymann

3. @nikki.nacho.stevens

4. @noelrachjo

5. @cristinaawilliams

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