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A Few Things From The Guitar World and She Shreds Photo to Keep in Mind

July 29, 2015
Written by
Fabi Reyna
Text by
Fabi Reyna

A few days ago one of our Instagram followers tagged us in a photo that perfectly demonstrated the juxtaposition between She Shreds and Guitar World. We want to thank everyone for the conversations, outreach and dialogue surrounding this image. The amount of social media response we’ve received has been amazing and clearly demonstrates our hunger for change. Below are a few things that we want to address.

1. Blame the editors not the models.

A lot of people have been putting the blame on the model in the GW cover—she’s merely making a living. The focus needs to shift towards the people behind GW who are making those decisions. You can write to them at [email protected] with the subject She Shreds: How to be Sexy Without Being Sexist.


2. The marketing approach of “sex sells” is clearly outdated.

This is 2015 and we have the tools to create unique and creative advertising that speaks to a large demographic without alienating another. Let’s use them.

3. Be open minded to everyone’s perspectives and use constructive criticism to make your point.

If you have a point you want to make, we want to hear it as long as you’re willing to listen to ours as well.

Sharing these kinds of images and using social media to speak out about the change you want to see is what’s driving this movement. #sheshreds in photos, share your own and be a part of the conversation. Your voice matters. Keep up the good work!

View the entire Facebook thread here

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