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A Timeline of She Shreds’ Impact on the Music Industry

January 24, 2020
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

April 2013 – April 2020: She Shreds flourishes as the world’s first and only print publication dedicated to women guitarists and bassists, featuring artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Jenny Lewis, Melanie Faye, Brittany Howard, and many more. 

July 2015: A photo of She Shreds Magazine on newsstands alongside Guitar World’s bikini gear guide goes viral.

April 2016: Guitar World announces the end of the bikini gear guide, stating, “The number of women players is growing and we want to support them.”

2016 – 2019: NPR, OPB, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Bitch Media, among others, say She Shreds is “changing the industry.” 

September 2017: In partnership with Fender, She Shreds breaks news that over the last five years 50% of guitar buyers have been women. 

October 2018: Fender announces new research stating that 50% of new players are women. 

March 2019: She Shreds partners with Nylon Magazine to present a 13-band lineup at SXSW that merges numerous genres, including cumbia, hip hop, rock, singer-songwriter, and much more.

March 2020: She Shreds Magazine transitions into She Shreds Media

May 2020: Final issue of She Shreds Magazine, Issue 20 is released 

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