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If you missed it, don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered. Below are the highlights from our week at She Shreds.

Shana Cleveland of L.A. surf/psych band La Luz teaches us how to play “Sure As Spring” from the debut LP, “It’s Alive” (Hardly Art), in this month’s episode of The Way—including TABS to help you follow along!

Do you ever think about building your own guitar? Get to know the life of a luthier, their tools and how they got started as we venture into the lives of prolific luthiers, Rachel Rosenkrantz and Elizabeth Henderson

In this month’s “Legends” series we follow the many talents of conservatory-trained Catalan musician Renata Tarrago that made her one of the most acclaimed classical guitarists of the 20th century.

On the kickoff track of Black Belt Eagle Scout upcoming debut LP, multi-instrumentalist Katherine Paul her channels frustration into a cathartic guitar solo. Listen to the premiere “Soft Stud” now. 

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