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Issue #14: Molly Rankin (Alvvays), Melanie Faye, Lila Downs, Kaki King, Julien Baker, and More

February 13, 2018
Written by
Fabi Reyna
Molly Rankin Cover Shot by
Norman Wong
Melanie Faye Cover Shot by
Marcus Maddox

 She Shreds is pleased to announce our #14 issue, featuring two exclusive cover artists: Molly Rankin of Alvvays and Melanie Faye. Consider it a valentine from She Shreds to you!

Cover Story: Molly Rankin
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The Alvvays guitarist/vocalist tells us about growing up in a musical family, coming into the studio with a balance of ideas and open-mindedness, and why she prefers to “keep operations small” when it comes to her band.

Cover Story: Melanie Faye
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This 19-year-old guitarist from Nashville has gone viral, drawing international acclaim while mesmerizing social media communities with her soulful musicianship. She speaks to She Shreds’ own Fabi Reyna about the importance of putting in time and having patience when it comes to learning guitar, her favorite instruments, and how her life has been impacted since her rise to fame.

Lila Downs
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The award-winning guitarist/songwriter and activist shares insight into her blends of Mexican folk music, and writing songs that embrace tradition while challenging racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.  

Kaki King
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The guitarist and composer talks about her studio, Other Cathedrals, becoming an engineer and producers, revisiting her songs with students, and why you don’t need to have a lot of tech knowledge to get into recording.

Julien Baker in Conversation with Lauren Denitzio
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One a recent all-woman tour, Julien Baker and Worriers’ Lauren Denitzio interviewed each other about touring without men, their ever-evolving gear set ups, and their perspectives on performing solo versus playing with a band.

Ruidosa Fest Wants Women and Non-Binary Musicians to Get Loud

Ruidosa Fest founder Francisca Valenzuela speaks to She Shreds about providing challenging and uplifting communities through providing platforms for Latin American artists across genre lines, and growing her organization from a one-day fest in Santiago, Chile, to an international phenomenon with events in three countries.

Kill Rock Stars & the Shifting Vision of a Feminist Record Label 

Liz Pelly explores the history and evolution of the iconic record label, Kill Rock Stars, including how its staff is imagining new visions for how music companies can remain artist-friendly and feminist in today’s shifting industry.

She Shreds Issues #14 features:

10 Scene Report: McAllen, Texas

12 Kill Rock Stars & the Shifting Vision of a Feminist Record Label

16 Moving Pictures: On the Road with Angel Olsen

22 40 Years of Dancing: In Conversation with Renee Scroggins of ESG

26 Ruidosa Fest Wants Women and Non-Binary Musicians to Get Loud

30 Lila Downs

36 Cover Story: Alvvays

42 Cover Story: Melanie Faye

52 Julien Baker in Conversation with Lauren Denitzio

60 Kaki King

68 Lesson:Compression

72 Sound Control: Lucy Dacus

74 Tabs: “Archie, Marry Me” by Alvvays

76 Tabs: “Not My Baby” by Alvvays

78 Reviews: Gear

79 Reviews: Albums

80 Comic

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