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Issue #15: Jenny Lewis, Courtney Barnett, Chai, Yvette Young, and More

July 23, 2018
Written by
Ashley Vaughn
Text by
She Shreds Staff
Jenny Lewis Cover Shot by
Allister Ann
Courtney Barnett Cover Shot by
Lindsey Byrnes

 She Shreds is pleased to announce our #15 issue, featuring two exclusive cover artists: Jenny Lewis and Courtney Barnett.

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Cover Story: Jenny Lewis

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This warrior has been perfecting her craft for 20 years. She spoke with She Shreds on her journey to finding her sound, creative restlessness and the stories her guitars carry.

Cover Story: Courtney Barnett

Read digital version here

The Melbourne songwriter opens up to She Shreds about the vulnerability of her latest album’s honesty, her duality as a lefty guitarist and creating visually alongside music making.


Read digital version here

Dorothy Siemens chats with Nagoya, Japan’s four-piece band on making their mark on the international scene. From exploring their music tastes to revealing their experiences as being women in Japan’s music industry, She Shred’s interview with Chai is one to look out for in this issue.

Yvette Young

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How does one go from being a classically trained pianist to falling in love for post-rock? She Shreds spoke with Yvette Young on how turning to teaching herself how to play the guitar has not only stimulated her creativity, but developed a healthier relationship with music.

Ayla Tesler-Mabe

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Ayla Tesler-Mabe started playing seriously when she was only 12 years old. Fast forward five years, the 17-year-old Canadian artist draws thousands to her shows and on social media rising her to success. She Shreds chatted with Tesler-Mabe on what grounded her love for the guitar and what the future holds for this up and coming artist.

Breaking Barriers in Music Production and Technology

Lynn Casper dives into this piece featuring badass women from all walks of life changing up the music technology game. Spotlighting engineers, producers and musicians, we take a peek on what it takes to break and thrive in this industry.

She Shreds Issue #15 features:

12 Scene Report: Tokyo, Japan

14 Gonna Be An Engineer: Breaking Barriers in Music Production and Technology

22 Setting the Tone: Metal and Psych Musicians Discuss Heavy Music’s Most Defining Feature

26 In the Hands of Women: The Traditions and Transformation of the Oud

30 Chai

36 Ayla-Tesler Mabe

42 Jenny Lewis

50 Courtney Barnett

58 Yvette Young

64 Getting Bass-ic

70 Tabs “Hopelessness” by Courtney Barnett

72 Sound Control: Samara Lubelski

74 Reviews: Gear

75 Reviews: Albums

76 Activity Page

77 Comic

78 My Dream Pedalboard

80 Glossary

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