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Issue #17: Fanny, Sasami, Nilüfer Yanya, Ex Hex, and More

April 15, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #17 issue, featuring our exclusive cover artist: Fanny.

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Cover Story: Fanny

Jean and June Millington started playing music together in the late-60s, but have only recently received their rightful place in the rock ‘n’ roll canon. The sisters open up about growing up in the Philippines, being one of the first visible rock groups made entirely of women, and getting the band back together.


With influences ranging from classical composers to Brazilian singers, Sasami Ashworth shares her experience in leaving Cherry Glazerr to go solo, how being a music teacher affects her performance, and her amp preferences.


Beverley Akua Mansa Tawiah went from being signed to a major label to being completely independent in the name of self preservation. From visiting her familial home in Ghana to her re-connection with the guitar, Tawiah talks about her journey to autonomy.

Nilüfer Yanya

From maintaining her own community to paying it forward with the arts organization she co-founded with her sister to serve displaced communities, Nilüfer Yanya chats with She Shreds about creating our own realities.

Ex Hex

Mary Timony and Betsy Wright covet trust between band members in Ex Hex. The two talk about their song writing dynamics, the extensive list of gear used on their sophomore album, and their love of classic rock.

In the Pink: Leila Sidi and TunaTone Guitars

Pink short-scale guitars and a priority on community are only a fraction of the innovative work luthier Leila Sidi is producing with TunaTone Guitars.

15 Scene Report: Calgary

17 In the Pink: Leila Sidi

21 Use the Mic: Speaking Up About Plastic Waste Reduction

25 A Seat At The Table: The Women in Higher Guitar Education

29 Tawiah

35 Fanny

43 Ex Hex

49 Nilüfer Yanya

55 Sasami

61 Up To Speed: Exercises for Fast Playing

65 Sound Control: Tanukichan

67 Tabs: Fanny

69 Gear Review: Benson Amps

71 Comic

72 Activity Page

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