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She Shreds Issue #18: Yuna, Adrianne Lenker, Cate Le Bon, Bedouine, and More

August 8, 2019
Written by
Cynthia Schemmer

She Shreds is pleased to announce our #18 issue, featuring exclusive cover artist: Yuna.

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Thank you to our Issue #18 sponsors: Fender, Martin & Co., Ernie Ball, Epiphone,, Sam Ash, ZT Amps, Walrus Audio, Strymon, and Red Panda Labs. We literally would not be able to produce this issue without their support.

Cover Story: Yuna

Yuna’s sound and purpose are unapologetic, while her aesthetic intersects fashion, feminism, and passion. From her humble beginnings sharing her music on her blog, to now gracing international stages, she speaks to her transition from Malaysia to LA, being a Muslim pop star, and the rage and love of Rouge.

Adrianne Lenker

The guitarist and vocalist of Big Thief talks about alien themes on their latest album, U.F.O.F., her solo project, and maintaining creativity in an industry fueled by product.

Cate Le Bon

From self-imposed alienation to learning a new skill, Cate Le Bon opens up about taping into the unselfconscious awareness of childhood, and how writing Reward mirrored the process of building furniture.


This summer, Azniv Korkejian, who performs as Bedouine, released her sophomore album, Bird Songs of a Killjoy, and spoke to She Shreds about the power of setting her music free.

Fatoumata Diawara

For the last decade, the Malian singer-songwriter has woven traditional rhythms, inventive guitar melodies, and her personal stories to create her bold and unafraid sound.

Tour Diary: Pregnant on Tour

Shana Cleveland, lead guitarist and vocalist in La Luz who recently released her sophomore solo album, Night of the Worm Moon, shares her experiences with and tips for touring while pregnant.

15 Scene Report: Gainesville

17 Tour Diary: Touring While Pregnant

23 Tropical Music: The Rise of Women and the Guitar

27 Audioscopes: Astrology for Your Pedalboard

31 Yuna

37 Adrianne Lenker

43 Cate Le Bon

49 Bedouine

55 Fatoumata Diawara

61 Lesson: The Basics of Improvisation

67 Tabs: Yuna & Easy-G

70 Guest Editor: Rachel Aggs

71 Sound Control: Sacred Paws

72 Rachel’s Tips & Picks

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