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Today in a conversation with Perfect Pussy frontwoman Meredith Graves for the Talkhouse Music Blog, Kathleen Hanna announced that Le Tigre, her lo-fi/electroclash project with JD Samson and Johanna Fateman, has been back in the studio and has plans to release a new song sometime in October.

Originally conceptualized as the live band for Hanna’s Julie Ruin solo project, Le Tigre formed in 1998 and gained notoriety for its beat-driven party music and progressive sociopolitical lyrics concerning feminism and issues facing the LGBT community.  The trio went on to release three studio albums, the most recent being The Island (Universal) in 2004, before going on hiatus.

Later on, Samson and Fateman joined forces in MEN and Hanna launched The Julie Ruin as a full band. Their latest album, Hit Reset, was released on Hardly Art in July, 2016.


Welcome back, Le Tigre! We’ve missed you.


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