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21 Companies Team Up For a Pedal Raffle Benefiting Black Lives Organizations 

Bandmemes and She Shreds team up with 21 companies for a massive pedal raffle to benefit three organizations fighting for systemic racial justice.

June 9, 2020
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She Shreds
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Bandmemes has created a fundraising raffle for Black lives with prizes from a growing list of boutique pedal companies. Over 18 businesses (and growing) have contributed pedals to be won, some of which are limited edition and others are throwing in t-shirts with their pedals, too. 

Update & Winners:

Thanks to all of your amazing donations we raised $56,455 for Black Lives Matters, Critical Resistance, and The Bail Project. Special shoutout to Bandmemes for being great and sorting through endless emails and adding up all of your receipts. That must’ve really sucked lol. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS THOUGH! NOW KEEP DONATING AND SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES. 

1. Abominable Electronics toke machine – Hans Michel
2. Adventure audio fuzz Peaks II – Amber Johnson
3. AWOL Virus – Clay Nielson
4. Benson preamp – Leonard Guerra
5. Bookworm diving Belles – Matthew Torbett
6. Caroline Hawaiian Pizza – Matt Herd
7. Chase Bliss Audio “JOAL” MOOD – Sean Vora
8. Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MKII – Cal Kehoe
9. Cooper fx Arcades – Greg Wolk
10. Coppersound Captain Hook – Aubrey Haddard
11. Death by audio Rooms – John Mongonia
12. Dr Scientist Dusk – Stephanie Gross
13. Electronic Audio Experiments Eldritch Blast – Emerald Chan
14. Floating Forest Dream Eater Deluxe – Hannah Rainey
15. Fuzzrocious BLM Demon – Justin Guay
16. Meris Ottobit Jr – Gianni Aiello
17. Old Blood Noise Endeavors MINIM – Tara Frye
18. Pelican Noiseworks – Isobel McMahon
19. Pladesk Elektrisk Fabrikat – Jen Steinbeck
20. Quiet Theory Prelude – Leticia Rocha
21. smallsound/bigsound Mini – Craig Schechter
22. Spruce Effects Gale – David Fried
23. TOMKAT Cloudy – Kimi Yamamoto
24. ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7 – Ben Lainer

How To Enter

Update: This Raffle is officially closed but please still consider making a donation.

  • The raffle will run 2 weeks and winners will be updated on this page on Tuesday, June 23rd. Open to international participants.
  • Make a minumum donation of $10 USD to one of the organizations below.
    Note: entry will only be valid if the donation is made to the organizations listed here
  • If you donate at least $10 to multiple charities (ie $10 to BLM, $10 to The Bail Project) that counts as multiple entries.
  • Pedals will be won individually.
  • Your receipt is your raffle ticket. Please forward your donation receipt(s) as well as your top 5 pedal wishlist to [email protected]
Bandmemes Raffle Chase
1. Abominable Electronics: Toke Machine (Chase Variant Finish)
Bandmemes Raffle FuzzPeaksII
2. Adventure Audio: Fuzz Peaks 2 (Red/Black finish)
Bandmemes Raffle Virus
3. AWOL: Virus
preview chat Bandmemes Raffle BensonPreamp
4. Benson Amps: Preamp
Bandmemes Raffle Bookworm
5. Bookworm Effects: Diving Belles
Bandmemes Raffle HawaiianPizza
6. Caroline Guitar Co: Hawaiian Pizza + T-Shirt
Bandmemes Raffle ChaseBliss
7. Chase Bliss Audio: "JOAL" Mood
Bandmemes Raffle MKII
8. Chase Bliss Audio: Preamp MKII
preview chat https s 728ythqqea7j9gj Bandmemes Raffle CooperArcades
9. Cooper fx: Arcades
Bandmemes Raffle CaptainHook
10. CopperSound Pedals: Captain Hook
preview chat Bandmemes Raffle DeathbyAudio
11. Death By Audio: Rooms
Bandmemes Raffle Dusk
12. Dr Scientist Sounds: DUSK
preview chat Bandmemes Raffle Blast v2
13. Electronic Audio Experiments: Eldritch Blast
preview chat Bandmemes Raffle Dreameater v2
14. Floating Forest: Dream Eater Deluxe
Bandmemes Raffle BLM
15. Fuzzrocious Pedals: Demon (BLM Handpainted)
Bandmemes Raffle Ottobit
16. Meris: Ottobit Jr
Bandmemes Raffle Minim
17. Old Blood Noise: Minim
Bandmemes Raffle Pelitaur
18. Pelican Noiseworks: Pelitaur GE
Bandmemes Raffle Fabrikat
19. Pladesk Elektrisk: Fabrikat (Black Plate)
Bandmemes Raffle QuietTheory
20. Quiet Theory: Prelude
Bandmemes Raffle Mini
21. SmallSound/BigSound: Mini
Bandmemes Raffle TheGale
22. Spruce Effects: Gale
preview chat Bandmemes Raffle Castle
23. Tomkat: Cloudy
Bandmemes Raffle FuzzFactory
24. Zvex: Fuzz Factory 7

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