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The Shes 3 2017

Premiere: “Ashes,” by The She’s

October 20, 2017
Written by
Jamie Ludwig
Image courtesy of the artist

The members of The She’s were born and raised in San Francisco, where they have been making music there together since they were kids.

The four piece, which includes bassist/vocalist Sami Perez, vocalist Hannah Valente (who also plays acoustic guitar), guitarist Eva Treadway, and drummer Sinclair Riley, takes influence from stripped-down garage rock, beachy 60s pop, and various DIY sounds, and adds their own layers of fuzz, vocal harmonies, and laidback vibes.

Following their 2011 debut, Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer, and 2014 EP, “Dreamers,” The She’s are back this fall with a new, album with the tongue-in-cheek title, “all female rock and roll quartet” (quotes theirs). Produced by the band with help from tUne-Yards’ Merrill Garbus, the record has a minimalist, airy ambiance that enhances their mix of reverb-drenched rock, acoustic ballads, and 90s-tinged alt pop.

“Ashes” is the latest single to be revealed from the album. Perez, who recently assisted Garbus on a recording project, says the track was partially inspired by Garbus and Thao Nguyen. “The way Merrill would pair her more folk-rock writing style with references like Naughty by Nature; I definitely wanted to push our boundaries and the leave the comfort zone of the genres we’re associated with,” she says. “The guitar tones were really fun on this one. We layered a bunch of leads and “guitarmonies” at the end. I think my favorite tone in this song is the good old distorted/over-compressed acoustic lead—it kind of makes the song for me!”

In addition to pushing away from her comfort zone in terms of music on “Ashes,” Perez also took the opportunity to change it up with her vocal contributions to the song. “The lyrics aren’t particularly poetic but the spoken vocals are new for me. Performing them definitely requires me to step up my confidence live—I love having to push myself like that!” she says.

Check out “Ashes” now. “all female rock and roll band” comes out on November 17 via Empty Cellar Records. Pre-orders are available now.


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