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Video Premiere: Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! Takes Us On Her Journey

July 10, 2018
Written by
Jessica Diaz-Hurtado
Video courtesy of
Ernie Ball

Laura Jane Grace lets us into her journey as a guitarist and artist in the latest episode of String Theory, a video series presented by Ernie Ball.

In 2015, when we featured Laura Jane Grace as the cover artist for our 9th issue, we learned that there’s one thing that she’s been sure of her whole life: playing the guitar. Lead singer, songwriter, founder, and guitarist of the punk rock band Against Me!, Jane Grace opens up in String Theory, a series by Ernie Ball exploring artists, typically Ernie Ball users, and their relationship to their music. She Shreds had the opportunity to chat with the punk rock musician, activist, and author a couple years back when she released her memoir, but this specific interview she gives to Ernie Ball is heartwarming and pretty damn inspirational.

The loyalty, passion, and love Jane Grace has for guitar playing is spilled all over this episode. Taking a nostalgic approach, we learn her childhood inspirations, the first time she bought a guitar, and what it meant coming from the DIY punk scene. With a constant desire to write the unwritten songs, Jane Grace blesses us with her charming take on what drives her music.

This episode is one you need to sit with, as it’s loaded with gems of wisdom and tons of stories. So sit back and get ready to be filled with wonder!

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