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Video Premiere: “Deeply,” by Screaming Females and Laura Veirs

December 12, 2017
Written by
Jamie Ludwig
Image by
Grace Winter

Sometimes the best musical moments are rather impromptu. During Screaming Females’ recent US tour, guitarist/vocalist Marisa Paternoster stopped by the home of record producer and guitarist/vocalist of the Thermals, Hutch Harris, to record a video with singer-songwriter Laura Veirs.

Although the two musicians had already met through a mutual friend, the day marked the first time they’d ever collaborated. “We’ve never played music together before, but I’m a very big fan, so I was a bit starstruck, to be honest,” Paternoster says.

But if she had any jitters coming into the session, she had to cast them all aside to get to work. With limited time to rehearse, they decided to do a stripped-down version of Screaming Females new single, “Deeply,” from its upcoming seventh album All at Once (Don Giovanni). “”Deeply” is pretty easy to play and has a strong melody, so we figured it’d be a good choice for Laura and I,” Paternoster says.

The video, which features Veirs on her acoustic guitar while Paternoster plays her G&L S-500 through a Fender amplifier, captures the relaxed atmosphere of the recording session, and the fluid ease in which voices commingle make it hard not to hope that there will be more collaborations from the two down the line. “It was a pleasure to play and sing with Laura,” Paternoster says. “I hope we can make more stuff together in the future, but this is all we recorded in this particular session.”

Watch Paternoster and Veirs play “Deeply” now. All at Once comes out February 23 on Don Giovanni.

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