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Video Premiere: “Cupcake Man,” by Lady Bits

January 19, 2017
Written by
Jamie Ludwig
Photo courtesy of the artist.

We’ve all been there, stuck dealing with a man who, for some reason, feels like it’s ok to give his unsolicited opinions on your words, behavior, or music. Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to scream… or write a song.

When faced with one of these guys of their own, Brooklyn riot grrl/punk group Lady Bits did both of those things. The resulting, snotty, singalong-able “Cupcake Man,” appears on their debut EP, “It’s Always On.”

Guitarist/vocalist Krishanti Daryanani describes the track as “a giant ‘Fuck You’ to dude bros and a giant ‘Hell Yeah’ to women who are unapologetically loud,” but admits it was inspired by one person in particular. “The “Cupcake Man” specifically is this dude who used to hang around our band. He would physically encroach on our space and tell us we couldn’t do things, like cover Lana Del Rey. He’s representative of this epidemic of “dude bros”—guys who feel like they can tell you what you’re allowed to do, who question your ability, who make you feel unwelcome,” she says.

Hopefully the guy got the message but if he still needs a little more educating before he sees the light and changes his ways, he (and his ilk) can revisit their bad behavior in Lady Bits’ video for the song which, yes, features an actual dancing cupcake. “We wanted the video to be fun, full of cupcakes and got our message across about ‘dude bros,’” says drummer Erin Waters. “We enlisted a fellow punk rock badass, Kate Hoos, to don the costume and tapped my friend Mark Lieberman to direct. He has directed music videos for the bands The Upperclass Men and Caustic Casanova. It took a little over two months to plan, and it was shot all in one long day. We wouldn’t have done it any other way. DIY baby!”

Check out the video below and get the full scoop on “It’s Always On,” here.

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