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Video Premiere: Austin Rock Quartet Löwin Gets Extraterrestrial in “Say Say”

May 5, 2016
Written by
Jamie Ludwig
Photo by
Bryan Parker

Taking its name for the German word for “Lioness,” Austin, Texas’ Löwin balances ferocious, high-energy rock with delicate indie pop under frontwoman/guitarist Sara Houser’s dusky, smooth vocals.

Formed in 2013, the band was named Austin’s Emerging Artist of the Year of by The Deli Magazine the following year (before it had even released a record!) and followed the honor with a well-received debut EP, Royal Jelly, in April 2015. This spring, the four-piece, which along with Houser is comprised of guitarist/vocalist, Michael David Sanders, bassist Nathan Ribner and drummer Chris DeGeorge, has returned with its latest single, “Say Say,” and an accompanying music video directed by Kate Blaising and edited by Kelly Webster.

The concept for the video takes a space-inspired twist on the the track’s lyrics. “The song itself is about taking an unfortunate thing that’s happened to you and deciding to embrace it rather than let it ruin you which translates really well to this idea of an alien abduction that Kate wanted to try and depict,” Sara said. Most of the filming was done in the early morning hours at Blaising’s apartment, which for Houser was made even more grueling with the addition of creepy, uncomfortable Sclera contact lenses for a more alien-esque effect. By day, Blaising and Webster work building drones, so for external shots the two headed to Marfa, Texas, and used their drones to capture atmospheric footage of the desert.

Along with “Say Say,” Löwin has been busy writing music for new singles slated to be released throughout the rest of 2016, and has plans in the works for local and regional shows as well as a full release next winter. “We’re writing a ton right now. I’ve become more interested in developing our sound rather than just churning out new recordings for the sake of content,” Sara says. “In the past it was always – write a song, record the song immediately and release it immediately. [We’re] really trying to break that habit and give some of our new material time to mature and flesh out all the moving parts.”

Check out the video for “Say Say” below and find out more about Löwin here.

Say Say from Löwin on Vimeo.

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